Elomi Swimwear

Elomi is one of the best names in plus sized and fuller figure swimwear in the world of beach fashion right now. As part of the Wacoal group, who are one of the biggest producers of swimwear in the UK, they are able to draw from a myriad of different sources of inspiration for their work. As a sister brand to Freya, they are in touch with some of the best minds in beachwear and swimwear fashion, and their own work benefits from that immensely. Elomi is a younger and lesser known brand than most of their relatives, that is for sure, but they are just as passionate and hard working, and will a new name you can truly invent yourself the way you want to, making Elomi’s fashion very unique and signature. So what is it this swimwear company specialise in? Elomi makes plus sized and fuller figure items of swimwear. They produce swimsuits and other items of beach fashion for the woman who has a fuller figure and still wants to get hold of the best items of fashion she can. So few designers do this, making some larger sizes in patterns that they used for the 12s and the 14s, and they don’t always work as well in a different size, especially the more detailed items. And those designers that do design swimsuits in the 20 or more size range tend to stick to boring and conventional patterns. Why is that? Is it that more curvaceous women aren’t as style conscious? Not at all! It’s designers that don’t have it in them to make something truly beautiful and exciting for plus sized women. But Elomi know that it doesn’t have to be that way. You can, have an item of swimwear that is great for the curvy girl that is also at the height of fashion, and Elomi hopes to be that brand. In pursuit of that effort, they are making some of our largest sizes at the moment, going as high as a 26 UK dress size. Their work is all available in these fuller figure sizes and they are all as beautiful as the last. If you are a plus sized lady who wants the same chance as getting hold of stylish outfits as any other woman out there, your chances have been severely limited up until now. With Elomi, that all changes. Take a look at their latest fashion range or their all year round staples and you will finds swimwear that is superb in quality and fit, then Elomi will certainly be the brand for you.

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