Roidal Swimwear

Roidal Elegant Ondin Swimsuit
Roidal Elegant Ondin SwimsuitElegant-Print

Roidal Elegant Lama Bandeau Swimsuit

Roidal Elegant Andras Pareo
Roidal Elegant Andras PareoElegant-Print

Roidal Kalina Liana Bikini
Roidal Kalina Liana BikiniKalina-Print

Roidal Kalina Brada Bikini
Roidal Kalina Brada BikiniKalina-Print

Roidal Elegant Uriel Bikini
Roidal Elegant Uriel BikiniElegant-Print

Roidal Brasil Touch Megan Bandeau Swimsuit
Roidal Brasil Touch Megan Bandeau SwimsuitPink-Orange-Ombre

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Roidal Brasil Touch Arian Swimsuit

Roidal Cachemire Marina Swimsuit

Roidal Cachemire Kali Bikini
Roidal Cachemire Kali BikiniCachemire-Print

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Roidal Ceylan Touch Canne Swimsuit

Roidal Valeria Elsa Bikini
Roidal Valeria Elsa BikiniValeria-Print

Roidal Valeria Agata Swimsuit
Roidal Valeria Agata SwimsuitValeria-Print

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Roidal Valeria Paula Bikini
Roidal Valeria Paula BikiniValeria-Print

Roidal Valeria Landi Swimsuit
Roidal Valeria Landi SwimsuitValeria-Print

Roidal Brasil Carla Swimsuit
Roidal Brasil Carla SwimsuitCoral-Red-Ombre

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Roidal Ceylan Touch Jet Bikini
Roidal Ceylan Touch Jet BikiniIbisco

Roidal Tattoo Iris Swimsuit
Roidal Tattoo Iris SwimsuitTaupe-Tattoo

Roidal Melania Amanda Swimsuit
Roidal Melania Amanda SwimsuitMelania

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Roidal Melania Lionel Swimsuit
Roidal Melania Lionel SwimsuitMelania

Roidal Menta Tahiti Swimsuit
Roidal Menta Tahiti SwimsuitMenta

Roidal Melania Flori Swimsuit
Roidal Melania Flori SwimsuitMelania

Roidal Garel Bikini
Roidal Garel Bikini

Roidal Paradis Nil Sun Dress
Roidal Paradis Nil Sun DressParadis

Roidal Paradis Tahiti Swimsuit
Roidal Paradis Tahiti SwimsuitParadis

Roidal Paradis Bisur Bikini
Roidal Paradis Bisur BikiniParadis

Roidal Paradis Regata Bikini
Roidal Paradis Regata BikiniParadis

Roidal Blues Mastic Pareo
Roidal Blues Mastic PareoBlues-Print

Roidal Blues Astor Swimsuit
Roidal Blues Astor SwimsuitBlues-Print

Roidal Blues Blas Bikini
Roidal Blues Blas BikiniBlues-Print

Roidal Ceylan Issa Pareo
Roidal Ceylan Issa PareoEtnico Capri Nautic Indigo-Blue White

Roidal Larys Amelia Bikini
Roidal Larys Amelia BikiniLarys-Floral

Roidal Ceylan Anaia Swimsuit
Roidal Ceylan Anaia SwimsuitFresia

Roidal Caraibi Sara Bikini
Roidal Caraibi Sara BikiniCaraibi-Multi

Roidal Brasil Megan Yellow Ombre Swimsuit
Roidal Brasil Megan Yellow Ombre SwimsuitTurquoise-Yellow-Ombre

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Roidal Kalina Orion Swimsuit
Roidal Kalina Orion SwimsuitKalina-Print

Roidal Brasil Palma Swimsuit
Roidal Brasil Palma SwimsuitBlack-White-Ombre

Roidal Brasil Gaspir Sun Dress
Roidal Brasil Gaspir Sun DressFuchsia-Pink-Ombre Black-White-Ombre

Roidal Brasil Carol Bikini
Roidal Brasil Carol BikiniRed-Coat-Inca

Roidal Coral Martinic Bikini
Roidal Coral Martinic BikiniBlue-Reef-Print

Roidal Geometric Daroc Bikini
Save 30%
Roidal Geometric Daroc BikiniBlack-White

Roidal Chic Flower Ursula Bikini
Save 30%
Roidal Chic Flower Ursula BikiniChic-Flower-Print

Roidal Issa Pareo
Roidal Issa PareoIssa-Bahamas

Verified Reviews:

Roidal swimwear is simply one of the best names in the swimwear industry. Roidal swimwear has been dazzling and amazing fans and indeed their own competitors alike for decades. Their swimwear is some of the highest quality in the world and their fashion ranges are superbly varied, original and on trend. So what has made Roidal so very well loved in the world of beach fashion?

How Big Is Roidal's Swimwear Range?

Most other swimwear brands have a small range that you can reorder, but nothing like Roidal's swimwear range. They have put ten times the effort into their core line up than any other designer. Why did they approach their collection this way? It is simply because improving the same design year after year is perfect for creating something perfect. Being able to make a brilliant but small contribution to a design means that over several seasons you will have something that is better by an order of magnitude over anything else in the world. Roidal swimsuits and Roidal bikinis are the living embodiment of this concept.

Is Roidal Swimwear High Quality?

It is not just range and breadth that we love about this swimwear brand. It is also down to their sense of quality. Roidal swimwear is very durable and will last season after season, year after year. Some less expensive designs, and even some expensive ones too, are prone to washing away the colour through bleaching and chlorine. But the Roidal swimwear collection is different, making sure they can be worn for multiple years without fading. You need only to try one for yourself to realise that a design that has been gradually improved again and again is a classic of clothing manufacturing. It fits and feels great in a way that a disposable design that is forgotten at the end of the season can't.

Is Roidal Swimwear Fashionable?

They are among the most fashionable designers we have to show you. But they are also a very distinct designer. They make swimsuits that are beautiful but very minimalist. Their best selling design, for example, is Roidal Cannes. This is a simple swimsuit with a crossover front, and the colour scheme is bright and graduated. But the subtlety and attention to detail is stunning and beautiful. The graduation is rich and subtle, without pixilation or other low resolution side effects.

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