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Bahama Twist Turquoise BikiniTurquoise

Bahama Collection is a plus sized swimwear range and one of the most interested new brands we have introduced into our fold recently and it is a stunning range that brings something wonderful into our collection. What is this designer all about exactly and why are we so excited to try them out? Well, let's take a look.

What Is Bahama Collection All About?

Bahama swimwear is a wonderful range of plus size swimwear that wants to bring all the most wonderful fashion collections that the world of swimwear is famous for, to a new audience of plus sized ladies. Bahama is not actually a solely plus sized swimsuit collection and has more conventional sizes also. But their core concentration is on the world of curvy swimwear, an area that really does not get too much attention and is not often designed for. But Bahama swimwear is a collection that really does want to bring more variety and beauty to this area. Bahama have decided to begin with a collection of plus size fashion swimsuits, which we think is a clever move. If you go for fashion, you can often really hit the ground running with your new range. They are able to spread their wings and really make something striking and impressive for their first collection. It also helps them garner new fans quickly and make a striking first impression, in a way that more everyday swimwear could not. Those extra fans means that Bahama swimwear can release an even better and larger selection of plus sized swimwear next year.

Is Plus Size Swimwear The Only Thing This Designer Makes?

As we mentioned previously, not at all. Bahama makes wonderful items of swimwear for the more conventional sizes as well, but they certainly have a biased towards curvy swimsuits. But why is that exactly? Well, like any item of its kind, plus sized swimsuits occupy a niche. They are a little too concentrated to be broadly popular. This poses problems for newer brands that are just starting out. If they do not get the recipe exactly right, they have a real crisis on their hands. If their designs are too wild and creative for most people and require a really bold sense of fashion to pull off, then their range might not be the hit they need to go through to a new season. The first fashion release is always the hardest for swimwear designer. But luckily, Bahama Collection doesn't need to worry about this.

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