Love Luna

Love Luna are one of the most unique designers in our entire range. They are the best at what they do, in a very niche field, but a very important one. But what does Love Luna do precisely? Well, Love Luna specializes in hygienic underwear and period underwear. They make items of underwear that are designed for menstruation and incontinence, period underwear, incontinence underwear and maternity underwear. Now they are expanding to the world of period swimwear. Their range of amazing bikini bottoms and swim pants are a fantastic new addition to their range. They are perfect for the woman who wants to go for a swim, but her holiday coincides with that time of the month. All of Love Luna's designs are pool-safe and ocean-safe. And these new swimwear designs are perfect for any age. So, what are some of Love Luna's features that make it so fantastic for the pool? Firstly, they are washable, meaning you can get multiple wears without having a throwaway item. The absorbent lining lasts multiple washes before the lining becomes less effective. Love Luna swimwear is comfy and easy to wear and fantastic for those who are in need of some help at the beach when you are on holiday at your time of the month. If you are in need of hygienic period swimwear like this around the time of your period or during menopause, these are the items for you.

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