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    What Is a Monsoon And The Best Way To Avoid One On Holiday

    Monsoon weather

    We have all thought about going away for a holiday in the winter. The ideal time for lying on the beach in your beautiful new swimwear. If you are around the equator or the Southern Hemisphere, it means perfect weather for a holiday. Complete the experience with a tropical fruit drink, and a good book, and you have a great time. But if you book the wrong place at the wrong time, it could be disastrous. A monsoon might just get in the way of those plans. It’s quite important that you know what a tropical monsoon climate is. And…

  • Summer Swimwear Trends 2023

    Three Quick Summer Swimwear Trends For 2023

    Summer Swimwear Trends 2023 It’s been a red hot summer this year in Britain. Everyone has gone crazy for new swimwear. Especially after several years of going nowhere thanks to lockdowns. Now, everyone is making the most…

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    Gottex, Swimwear’s Most Talented Name

    Gottex is quite possibly the world’s very best and most skilled designer of swimwear. And of course, it is the best-selling swimwear brand of UK Swimwear too. Its swimwear and beachwear designs have been consistently praised and…

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    The Most Underrated Winter Holiday Spot

    Winter getaways can be a pretty contentious topic. Northern Hemisphere or Souther Hemisphere? A city break, or a beach? Surely, not a beach in winter? Well actually, there are some rather gorgeous and amazing destinations out there…

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    A Bikini Or Swimsuit This Summer?

    If you’re planning a summer holiday, there are several factors to consider when it comes to your beach outfits. There’s a wide variety of swimwear options available, each with its own unique features. The first question to…

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    Jamu Swimwear, The History and Ethos

    Jamu Swimwear is a designer that concentrates on one very unique and specific area of the clothing world. Mastectomy Swimsuits and Mastectomy Bikinis . So few designers even give mastectomy beachwear a cursory glance. But Jamu are…