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Why Buy Designer Swimwear?

Designer Swimwear

Designer swimwear is sometimes a mystery to people. Like most designer clothing or expensive versions of anything, people wonder if they are really worth it. After all, swimwear is something that you can get in a variety of different price points. So why do women bother with designer swimwear exactly? What really is the difference between a bikini that costs £50 or £150? And is it really worth it? Especially for something that you may wear for one or two weeks out of the year?

It’s All About The Location

If you are heading for a quick getaway, you might think designer swimwear isn’t necessary. Most of us probably wouldn’t think twice about grabbing a cheap swimsuit for a quick beach trip with friends. Then again, it depends on where exactly your trip is. And it depends with who. And of course, where you might be staying. If you were about to head to a very high end resort, it might be a different story. Or an expensive cruise, for example. If you are going to a destination that is more exclusive, you may feel like dressing up a bit. This is the first and foremost reason people go for designer swimwear. They want something that will look great and head turning in any destination.

Designer Swimwear Fits Like A Dream

Having anything in your wardrobe that doesn’t fit as well as you like is a terrible thing. Swimwear can be among the most unforgiving of any type of clothing when it doesn’t fit right. In fact, it only takes some basic mistakes with things like stitching to make the difference. It can dramatically change how a swimsuit looks. That’s why designer swimwear manufacturers employ the most highly skilled craftsmen to make their designs. They have extensive experience working with fabrics and how to make the most of them.

But why does accuracy and precision have to be sacrificed for a cheaper product, you ask? Think about the process itself and it may become clear. Put two identical looking swimsuits side by side. One that took months for a designer fashion house to design, sample, test, reconfigure, and finalise. The other took what feels like mere moments to appear. Do you think the cheaper of the two would fit or feel as good as the designer piece? No garment can fit perfectly if it doesn’t go through these many iterations. The fast fashion option just isn’t feasible if you want something considered and really well thought out.

Fast Fashion Is Always One Step Behind

A lot of the less designer companies are not often present at the big fashion shows. Some simply go their own way and release things that aren’t seasonal. That is where fast fashion was originally born. Some even pay for early release shots of the collection. That way, they can have it made in the developing world within a few days. And it can arrive in a few weeks. By contrast, it takes months for a design on the catwalk to appear in stores. It is a race against time for fast fashion designers to get their stuff into shops before luxury designers do. This kind of thing is pretty common in the swimwear world. Designers spend months preparing their collections, only to see them copied and on the internet for a lot less. Or at least, this is how it used to be.

Nowadays, this situation isn’t so bad. There are so many protections in place these days. Firstly, so much is digital now, so designs aren’t flying about the place on paper any more. They are all done digitally with password protection and cloud storage. And thankfully for the designers, if there is a data breach, there are copyright laws that help protect their work. These laws ensure that any designs appearing at fast fashion outlets must be varied somewhat from the originals. We rarely see any problems nowadays, and most designer collections are very original. That means, if you buy designer swimwear, you can get something new months ahead of fast fashion outlets.

Designer Swimwear May Be Better For The Environment

Designer swimwear brands spend a lot of time researching what goes into their clothing. This means researching new materials, studying fashion trends, sourcing from better suppliers. Some even research and develop their own material, if they have the expertise and the funds. And of course, this often means designers of high end clothing have the luxury to be picky. They use fabrics that are ethically sourced. They use better quality synthetics, when synthetics have to be used. And so their clothing doesn’t degrade as quickly, and stays away from the landfill longer.

Of course, bargain bikinis will always have their place in the fashion world. Sometimes, we want to spend a bit more on the holiday itself. But there is value in designer swimwear that many overlook. In fact, if it wasn’t for these designer swimwear labels, high street stores wouldn’t be able to produce their stuff. This is where affordable beachwear fashion for the rest of us. Those designs we mentioned above do eventually trickle down to the rest of the fashion world. So when you invest in a designer piece of swimwear, you get two bits at the cherry. It will most definitely look original now, and still in style in the future.

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