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The best tip about swimwear and beachwear we can give you is this. Be yourself and don't be afraid to wear the swimwear you like. Many women struggle with their body image and, so, stay away from bikinis, low back swimsuits or short sun dresses. At UK Swimwear we believe it doesn't actually matter how many inches is your waist. If you have any stretch marks or your dress size. We want you to feel gorgeous in your holidays and, to do so, we offer a wide selection of luxury swimwear and beachwear for all sizes and shapes. Do you need any inspiration about holiday destinations or packing essentials? We have it covered. A few tips to do the best of your swimwear to get the ultimate beach look. Rectangle body shapes, where bust, waist and hips are similar size, can smooth their curves. You can do this with cut-out swimsuits, high waisted swimwear or string bikinis. While square necklines and bandeau bikini tops are not so flattering as other styles. On the contrary, bandeau bikinis look amazing in an athletic body, especially if the bikini bottom has ruffle adornments. Apple body shapes can go for side ruching swimsuits or any of our slimming swimsuits, which are always a flattering choice. If you go for a bikini, try a long line bikini top. For more swimwear tips and holiday guides, keep reading.