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How To Get A Healthy Tan The Safe Way

How To Tan The Safe Way

We at UK Swimwear are all about beach fashion. So naturally, we talk an awful lot about clothing and what designs we love this season. We sometimes get carried away with our new products and just how stunning some of them are. But we also think it is important to do something to help our customers. And we don’t just mean help them take care of their summer looks. We mean on getting a great tan, too. That is why we want to offer you a few tips that will make your time on the beach safer. Here is a list of top tanning tips that can help you out this summer. If you want that perfect bronzed look and you want to get it safely, then we have you covered. No pun intended.

Tip 1 – Prep Before You Prep

Prepping your body with tanning lotions and sun screen is majorly important. But what is every bit as important is prepping for your sunscreen. Exfoliate your skin first before heading out to the beach. Each person has their own exfoliating ritual, so we will not go into too much detail here. You should pick a routine that suits your skin. But if you spend that extra time in the morning, your tan lasts much longer. It also reduces flaking and peeling after you come inside from the sun.

Tip 2 – Getting Your Tan As Fast As You Can

Please be aware, we do NOT mean you should try and go without protection. Forgoing sun tan protection on the beach in order to bronze up quicker is not ideal. This is a radical approach and will come with many risks. Instead, you should encourage a balance with the grade of SPF sunscreen you use. By not going for the top grade option, you can get that initial layer of bronze on your skin. And this means you won’t be under tanned for the whole of your holiday too. So you can start looking good right away. We recommend an SPF-30 for most skin types. It blocks UVA and UVB rays very well and protects you from burning. Make sure to use enough for full coverage and let it soak in over 20 minutes. If you have sensitive skin or are very fair, you should not try this particular tip. Go for your usual heavy duty sunscreen in this case.

Tip 3 – Go Au Naturel

Nope, we don’t mean one of those beaches! Although it will mean a more even tan without the tan lines, so keep it in mind. We mean try out a naturally occurring oil with an SPF rating. These should be used in conjunction with regular sun screen. But if you are moisturising in the morning, you might as well choose something that compliments your sun block. The most obvious choice is coconut oil. This naturally has a hydrating and SPF blocking quality. Avocado has similar properties too, and is becoming more popular right now. You can replace your synthetic moisturiser in most cases with simple coconut oil for great skin hydration.

Tip 4 – Take A Leaf Out Of The Book Of The Locals

In Central America and some Mediterranean countries, the locals nap during the midday. Siesta, as it is called, is famously a part of their rituals. This is to avoid the heat stroke risks and fainting bouts common in these nations. The Bedouin people of North Africa and the Middle East do something similar. They avoid the terribly oppressive heat during the midday and take shelter. The same should go for us when our skin is exposed. Take a little longer in the restaurant or cafe around noon, or take shelter under the fronds of a palm. Or there is always a beach bar complete with awning to claim for an hour or two. Or you can get out there early to get an hour or two of tanning in before lunch. This ensures you get a very quick but gentle dose of the sun in a much safer manner. Just be aware you need to avoid the hours of 12am until 3pm for the safest option.

Tip 5 – Avoid The Beds

Not the lounge beds on the beach. By all means take advantage of those. We mean the tanning beds back home. Often, the strategy is early exposure to UV rays before you go away. Don’t fall into this trap. When you were young, your parents may have sent you to play when one of your friends had a cold. It can be a good idea for kids to get the sniffles. That way, they don’t get a more serious bug later on. But that line of logic doesn’t work here. Using tanning beds is supposed to give you a short but heavy dose of UVA and UVB rays. This allegedly gets that initial step of bronzing out of the way. For a long time that was considered safer. Doctors thought it would give you a shield against the constant rays beating down on you in a hot country. Unfortunately, tanning beds can hit you with upwards of 3 times as intense as the UVA rays from the sun. But you are only in for 10 minutes, so that is just like 30 minutes of sunshine, right? It is a bit trickier than that, and having too much too fast can be the worst part. The most up to date advice about tanning beds is, simply avoid. They are not worth the trouble and the risk. Just take that first day of your holiday to establish your tan and you will be look great. And what’s more, you will not have to worry about any added risk, and you can enjoy your holiday safely.

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