Pia Rossini Is The Brand For Buying Beach Hats

Pia Rossini

Pia Rossini specialise in beach hats. They are one of those special types of designers that we really love. What is it exactly that we love so much about them and their astounding designs? Well, they are the beachwear fashion designer that makes one thing and makes them really well. That one thing is a category really—namely, beach accessories. Pia Rossini is the foremost designer in the world for great quality beach accessories. This includes beach hats, beach bags, and sandals.

This year, in particular, they have given us one of the most exciting ranges yet. With some gorgeous bags and other useful bits and bobs for the beach. But today we want to talk about their hats only. Why is that exactly? Well, with such a troublesome year now behind us, many are itching to go away for a break. However, many others don’t want to face the ever more complex travel restrictions that come with going on holiday these days.

So there might not be so much demand for things like their beach bags. But sun hats and beach hats will always be a vital part of your outfit. Whether it is a staycation, or a spot of gardening, or just some time spent in the seclusion of the comfort of your own outdoor space, sun hats are perfect things to have. So let’s take a look at their new range of sun hats for this new year and see exactly what is so wonderful about Pia Rossini and their hats for the beach.

Beach Hat

Tobago, like its name, would suggest, has a classic Caribbean feel. The woven paper straw is ideal for that Caribbean feel. It has a cool and relaxed mid-century feel to it, something that you would expect to see in an Audrey Hepburn movie or something similar. And with the black sash, it has a dose of contrast that comes with it too. It is one of Pia Rossini’s most classic items this season.

Beach Hat

Josette is a great choice for the warmth and humidity of a sweltering summer day. It has the basket woven material that is so popular in the warmer and more humid nations of the world like the Caribbean islands or South America. If you want the lightest hat possible, this is for you.

Summer Hats

Florence is probably the most eye-catching item from Pia Rossini, and it is a great choice for those that want more than just the conventional straw hat. It is colourful and bright with a passionate red splash that draws your eye beautifully.

Pia Rossini Accessories

Fiji is a second ideal choice for those who want something light and better for the humidity that a tightly woven straw hat would be. Its light colour means it goes with nearly anything and it is airy enough for any weather without sacrificing coverage.

Pia Rossini Hats

Emmie is the final traditional straw hat from Pia Rossini and maybe their most subtle. It features less in the way of accents and highlighted colours, and in exchange, it is the most versatile number this designer currently has.

Beach Hats

Dawn has that very special and difficult to capture Hollywood chic we all recognize instantly. Unlike the 1930s adventurous explorer looks of the unbleached straw hats, this black paper straw version is so much more dynamic. It has a Bond Girl chic about it thanks to the angular and starched look of the construction. The tan faux leather belt serves to make it that bit more eye-catching. Perfect for an outfit that is also elegant and black.

Pia Rossini Hats

Cabana is a unique item from Pia Rossini’s beach hat collection this year. It is black and white with alternating and concentric circles of colour. This makes it hypnotic and striking, and it can really go with either white or black outfits. Or many other colours for that matter. It is a really chic and modern design, but it doesn’t look too futuristic to make it impossible to pair. It is every bit as versatile as the other items, and we love it for that.

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