Sun Hats

Sun hats are perhaps the first thing you think of when it comes to beach accessories and we think that there is good reason for that. The size and striking qualities of a sun hat make it the obvious first thought for those that are thinking about what they need to get hold of before their trip. These accessories are some of the most stylish and statement-making items in the world of swimwear, but we also think it’s a good think to remind the world of how practical and useful one can be. Sun hats are notorious for their diva like quality of being big, brash and bold, but they are increasingly recommended for their health qualities too. The protection your skin gets from the sun is very important and there is little else that can provide such great coverage. Even the mighty kaftan, the number one garment for sun protection, doesn’t quite do the job when you are in the most extreme heat. That’s because you normally want to wear something less stifling in the heat, so you might go for a kaftan that is very loose or a kaftan with a ballerina neck or a scoop neck. This allows the air to get to your neck, meaning you don’t feel like you are wearing a scarf, but then your skin is out in the sun again. With a sun hat, you can have your cake and eat it too. Look stylish and still stay cool. Of course, your skin isn’t the only thing that benefits from wearing a sun hat. Your eyes are one of the most important things to think about when you are in the sun. Wearing sun glasses is a must, of course, but when you need to take your glasses off for anything, a sun hat is a very welcome addition. If you are trying to look for someone on the beach or you want to get a better look at something on your tablet, you might lower your shades and then the full force of the sun hits you. It bounces off the white sand and the glistening sea and we all know what its like to take off your shades for the first time in an hour or two. With a sun hat, much of that unpleasantness goes. You get plenty of coverage from the harsh rays and your day is even less interrupted with such a simple inclusion into your outfit. But the origin of the sun hat has never been lost throughout this time. It is still a fashion piece that evokes the image of a movie star or model from the Golden Age of cinema. The big and broad brim of these hats make them a grand statement piece that really turns heads.

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