Felina Swimwear

Felina Jungle Swimsuit
Felina Jungle SwimsuitWhite-Hawaii

Felina Green Fig Bikini Top
Felina Green Fig Bikini TopBlack-Jungle

Felina Fancy Fur Swimsuit
Felina Fancy Fur SwimsuitMarble-Tiger

Felina Fancy Fur Bikini Top
Felina Fancy Fur Bikini TopMarble-Tiger

Felina Love Pearls Swimsuit
Felina Love Pearls SwimsuitNavy

Felina Jungle Bikini Brief
Felina Jungle Bikini BriefWhite-Hawaii

Felina Jungle Bikini Top
Felina Jungle Bikini TopWhite-Hawaii

Felina Classic Shape V Neck Swimsuit
Felina Classic Shape V Neck SwimsuitNavy

Verified Reviews:

Felina really is the definition of a household name in at least one of their pursuits, namely lingerie. But well apart from their work in that field, they are also a talented designer of swimwear also. In the world of beach fashion, Felina swimwear is newer to be sure, but it brings across many of the qualities of their other work that they are so widely recognized for, like fit, comfort, variety and so much more. But to say that these are the qualities that you get in a Felina swimsuit is rather reductive, so let's take a look at all the other things there is to see about their range.

What Makes Felina Swimwear So Special?

Felina is known for many things, but there are a few they do exceptionally well. Variety is one of the biggest reasons they have become so famous and respected. Felina have so many differnet designs and ranges and line ups, it is hard to keep count. They range from more timeless pieces in black and navy without much adornment, to fashion bikinis that are full of creativity and dare to do the impossible, like reinvent something as essential as an animal print. Felina swimwear is one wing of Felina, a company that has been operating for around 30 years. As such, they are a rather young, new and ambitious designer. Designers that are a round for two or three decades tend to be much more modern and forward thinking, and are full of great ideas, making them great for fashion swimwear.

How Great Is Felina's Fashion Swimwear?

But Felina swimwear's every day range is just as beloved as their other items. And with this breadth, they have a design for everyone. Another thing they do well that compliments their variety is balance. What we mean by that is, most of their designs look stylish whilst being easy to wear and effortless. But it isn't just visual balance that Felina swimwear has either. They balance high quality with great fit and ideal amounts of support. All of that is balanced with style choices too, as they make designs that are as lovely as they are practical. But of course, with a range as varied as Felina's, they must make some of the more timeless items like plain bikinis, alongside their fashion items that put design and style first. But one thing we always tell our fellow Felina swimwear lovers is this. Balance does not mean compromise. We have never seen a design that sacrificed everything for a single quality.

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