Swim Dresses

Swim dresses are one of the most interesting items of swimwear in the world right now. They are a great item for adding something unique to your outfit, and they give you a versatility we have never seen before in the world of swimwear. So what exactly is a swim dress and what does it add to your beach outfit? Let's take a look.

What Is A Swim Dress?

A swim dress is also known as a skirted swim dress or a skirtini. This amazing garment is a swimsuit like any other, but it has one other unique addition. Namely, a skirt that is blended into the fabric to make it appear like a dress. That's right, a dress you can swim in. There are two broad variations of this type of swimsuit. One is the little skirt which is more decorative and looks like a trim or embellishment on your dress. The other is a much more subtle one, a longer piece of fabric that turns the garment into a form fitting dress. Usually the former is for decoration only and does not cover your thighs at all. The latter is for those who want to be able to pull this fabric up to swim and roll it down. That way, it looks exactly like a dress so they can towel off and head to a restaurant or into the nearest town. A good swim dress in the latter category is hardly even noticeable as an item of swimwear.

Why Should You Try A Swim Dress?

The best part about this swimsuit is the versatility. The ability to roll up the fabric for a conventional swimsuit makes it a transformative garment. But even if you go for the more fixed version, which is most designs, they still are versatile as well. They don't need to be fiddled with to get the best of both worlds. The fixed and miniature skirt is a flattering addition. It offers less coverage but moves easily through the water thanks to its smaller size. It is also feminine and cute and the little skirt makes your swimwear so much more relaxed and far less business like. If you want a swimsuit that is more free and easy going than your average one, why not make it a swim dress?

Who Makes The Best Swim Dresses?

The best swim dress is really a matter of preference and perspective. But we know who among our designers makes more than the rest. Gottex is currently leading our designers in terms of number of designs, and they are also one of the best from a style point of view.

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