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UK Swimwear began its journey in 2008. After three years of selling hosiery online, the team at UK Tights decided to expand into other avenues, with swimwear being their next venture. There was very little variety and choice in the world of designer swimwear online and we wanted to change that. With designs ranging from everyday workout swimwear and gym swimwear, to high end luxury swimwear, UK Swimwear has the largest variety of any swimwear retailer on the internet right now. There are fewer and fewer boutiques around each year that offer really great fashion swimwear, and a not a lot of variety other than plain black swimsuits in a sporting goods store. There was no single place to shop for everything though. And none of them that have the amazing convenience of the internet. Now, our site has over fifty designer swimwear brands to choose from. Our designer bikinis are for those who love quality and the most stunning fashion designs of the season. We also easily have the largest selection of designer swimsuits too. Our offering includes items from high end fashion brands like Gottex and Roidal, with brands from Spain, Italy, Australia, and other swimwear havens. Or perhaps you want shaping swimwear that sculpts your figure and takes inches off your waist and around your tummy? Then we have amazing shaping swimsuits from Miraclesuit, who make some of the best sculpting swimwear and slimming swimsuits on the planet. But what about the rest of the beachwear accessories you know and love? Well, UK Swimwear also has beach accessories like beach bags, kaftans, sun hats, and pareos. If it is something you will wear in the sun and the sand, then UK Swimwear has it. With the greatest ragne of swimwear in the UK and more designers than any of our contemporaries, UK Swimwear is the number one place for swimsuits, bikinis, beach accessories, and any other items of clothing for your next holiday. And if you want some leg wear and lingerie, our other website is UK Tights, so you can treat yourself with something for the beach and something for your legs too.