Bust Enhancers

Bust enhancers are one of the most overlooked parts of the swimwear world and yet one if its most popular. We overlook them because they seem rather simple and well understood, and you needn't think about them. And they are also popular for similar reasons, that they are very easy to add to your beach outfit for a great new look and will instantly enhance your figure. But is there more to these accessories? Let's find out.

What Type Of Bust Enhancers Are There?

Bust enhancers for your swimwear come in many shapes and sizes and for many specific purposes. Really there is a lot more to them than you might first think. They can be made to simply add volume, or they can be made in certain shapes to add volume and also lift or position your bust better. They are made in different shapes for women with different shaped breasts and there really is one for everyone. There's also the issue of the material that they are made from. You have two options for your bust enhancers, with most bra inserts are made with either foam or silicone. Silicone is the material most popular thanks to it acting very natural and moving like your own breasts do. They are also waterproof so you will never have to worry about them getting soggy and heavy after you have been swimming in the pool. The other choice is foam bust enhancers. Foam bra inserts are softer and lighter so you don't feel too overwhelmed by their presence or that your bikini top is overly stuffed. They are also often a little bit cheaper. But the trade off is that they are not as good at keeping water out, meaning you may have to give them a covert squeeze after you get out of the pool just so they aren't uncomfortable. But what's the purpose of these little additions to your bikini? Do you really need them in the first place?

Why Should I Wear A Bust Enhancer?

There are a few reasons why someone might want to wear a bust enhancer. One is, of course, the optional reason that you want to make your bust look bigger. Add in a small insert to take you up by a cup size and get a shaped insert for the ability to sculpt your figure a little too. The other reason for the popularity of bust enhancers is for mastectomy swimwear. If you have had to have a mastectomy procedure, then you may need one or a pair of bikini inserts to give you back the shape you want.

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