Sunflair Swimwear & Beachwear

Sunflair is one of the most exciting new designers in the world of swimwear and a unique designer amongst our ranks. It is one of the first designers we've ever seen that combines the amazing, but difficult to marry, qualities of great fashion and plus size options.

Sunflair Brand

Sunflair is a German made brand that has puts so much into its fashion designs, hiring an incredible team of people to bring creativity to their collection. But many designers who do this don't put much into the quality of the construction of their swimwear or concentrate on fit and variety. But Sunflair are able to do both, and they do them both so very well. They are one of the few designers that manages to do this without compromise and or without sacrificing the quality of the rest of their range.

Sunflair Swimwear Designs

So how does this incredibly talented designer actually do this? Firstly, they offer a better range of sizes than anything else in the world of swimwear, with sizes above UK dress size 20, and they make sure that the most beautiful designs are available in these sizes too. But do they just take the same interesting designs and add the option for larger sizes? No, instead they create fashion designs that work well at any size, for example offering vertical stripes more than horizontal ones. Sunflair have also had great success with their new line up of angular and geometric patterns, using them to flatter your figure and enhance your curves in a positive way rather than simply picking a pattern without much thought. This is truly what Sunflair is all about, it is truly dedicated to rethinking how fashion works and going the extra mile to create something that looks great every time, no matter your figure or shape. Of course, this is not all that Sunflair has to offer.

The Swimwear

Their swimwear is also great for its quality and longevity. The designer was founded in Germany and although it is often a cliche that German goods are well made, in this case it's quite true. If you don't need a larger size but you like their designs and want quality too, then Sunflair is superb and will serve you very well. They completely fit the stereotype of superb German quality and forward thinking and inventive construction. But the real benefit of a designer swimsuit is not their sizes or their quality, but this ability to blend together the best elements in the clothing world.

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