Pia Rossini Canta Sarong
Pia Rossini Canta SarongPink-Canta-Print

Pia Rossini Canta Tunic
Pia Rossini Canta TunicPink-Canta-Print

Pia Rossini Cannes Cover Up
Pia Rossini Cannes Cover Up

Gottex Summer In Capri Side Tie Sarong
Gottex Summer In Capri Side Tie SarongSummer-In-Capri-Pattern

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Pia Rossini Victoria Hat
Pia Rossini Victoria HatBlack-Gold

Pia Rossini Solana Hat
Pia Rossini Solana HatTurquoise

Pia Rossini Porto Hat
Pia Rossini Porto HatWhite

Pia Rossini Lorena Hat
Pia Rossini Lorena HatBlack

Pia Rossini Kansas Hat
Pia Rossini Kansas HatNatural

Pia Rossini Dune Hat
Pia Rossini Dune Hat

Pia Rossini Cruise Hat
Pia Rossini Cruise HatWhite-Silver

Pia Rossini Lima Dress
Pia Rossini Lima Dress

Pia Rossini Dahlia Bag
Pia Rossini Dahlia Bag

Pia Rossini Monaco Bag
Pia Rossini Monaco Bag

Pia Rossini Rosa Hat
Pia Rossini Rosa HatTan-White

Pia Rossini Dynasty Hat
Pia Rossini Dynasty Hat

Pia Rossini Amara Tunic
Pia Rossini Amara TunicWhite

Nuria Ferrer Palm Dress
Nuria Ferrer Palm DressPalm-Print

Nuria Ferrer Ornela Cover Up
Nuria Ferrer Ornela Cover UpOrnela-Print

Gottex Wildlife Kaftan
Gottex Wildlife KaftanBrown-Zebra Blue-Zebra

Gottex Moroccan Sky Pareo
Gottex Moroccan Sky PareoMoroccan-Plum

Gottex Moroccan Sky Kimono
Gottex Moroccan Sky KimonoMoroccan-Blue

Pia Rossini Canta Dress
Pia Rossini Canta DressPink-Canta-Print

Pia Rossini Maya Maxi Dress
Pia Rossini Maya Maxi DressMaya-Print

Pia Rossini Marina Tunic
Pia Rossini Marina TunicBlue-Marina-Print

Pia Rossini Canta Maxi Dress
Pia Rossini Canta Maxi DressPink-Canta-Print

Pia Rossini Kalippo Sandal
Pia Rossini Kalippo SandalBlack

Pia Rossini Cancun Maxi Cover Up
Pia Rossini Cancun Maxi Cover UpCancun-Print

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Pia Rossini Cancun Tunic
Pia Rossini Cancun TunicCancun-Print

Gottex Dolce Vita Beach Dress
Gottex Dolce Vita Beach DressDolce-Vita-Print

Fantasie Antheia Tunic
Fantasie Antheia TunicBlack White

Pia Rossini Yasmina Tunic
Pia Rossini Yasmina TunicBlack-White

Pia Rossini Paloma Sun Dress
Pia Rossini Paloma Sun DressWhite

Pia Rossini Lilah Tunic
Pia Rossini Lilah TunicLilac-Print

Pia Rossini Lilah Kimono
Pia Rossini Lilah KimonoLilac-Print

Pia Rossini Amalfi Tunic
Pia Rossini Amalfi TunicAmalfi-Print

Pia Rossini Adilah Kimono
Pia Rossini Adilah KimonoAdilah-Blue

Pia Rossini San Remo Sarong
Pia Rossini San Remo SarongSan-Remo-Navy San-Remo-Coral

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Pia Rossini Mijas Maxi Dress
Pia Rossini Mijas Maxi DressMijas-Multi

Gottex Hitachi Beach Dress
Gottex Hitachi Beach DressHitachi-Red Hitachi-Turquoise

Tessy Savana Milan Pareo
Tessy Savana Milan PareoSavana

Tessy Glitter Zen Kaftan
Tessy Glitter Zen KaftanBlack Silk

Tessy Hawaii Clara Poncho
Tessy Hawaii Clara PonchoHawaii-Pacific

Roidal Ceylan Issa Pareo
Roidal Ceylan Issa PareoEtnico Capri Nautic Indigo-Blue

Pia Rossini Dawn Hat
Pia Rossini Dawn HatBlack

Oroblu Lapislazzuli Multiway Skirt
Save 40%
Oroblu Lapislazzuli Multiway Skirt

Gottex Fiji Pareo
Gottex Fiji PareoFiji

Gottex Paradise Kimono
Gottex Paradise KimonoParadise-Peach

Gottex Mirage Beach Dress
Gottex Mirage Beach DressNavy

Miraclesuit Vesuvio Kaftan
Miraclesuit Vesuvio KaftanVesuvio

Gottex Jazz Mini Swim Skirt
Gottex Jazz Mini Swim SkirtBlack Sapphire Turquoise White

Nicole Olivier Marquise Sun Dress
Save 50%
Nicole Olivier Marquise Sun DressBleu-India

Gottex Aquarelle Beach Dress
Gottex Aquarelle Beach DressAquarelle-Green Aquarelle-Yellow

Roidal Brasil Gaspir Sun Dress
Roidal Brasil Gaspir Sun DressFuchsia-Pink-Ombre Black-White-Ombre

Moontide Aztec V Neck Cover Up
Save 25%
Moontide Aztec V Neck Cover UpBlack White

Pia Rossini Zen Kimono
Pia Rossini Zen KimonoWhite

Pia Rossini Virginia Trousers
Pia Rossini Virginia TrousersRed

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Pia Rossini Jakarta Dress
Pia Rossini Jakarta DressWhite

Pia Rossini Goya Maxi Dress
Pia Rossini Goya Maxi DressGoya-Print

Pia Rossini Azizi Tunic
Pia Rossini Azizi TunicAzizi-Print

Gottex Maritime Pareo
Gottex Maritime PareoMaritime-Blue

Gottex Samosir Kimono
Save 15%
Gottex Samosir KimonoSamosir-Multi

Kiwi Sac Looping Beach Bag
Kiwi Sac Looping Beach Bag

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Kiwi Saint Tropez Wash Bag
Kiwi Saint Tropez Wash Bag

Iconique Banda Floral Dress
Save 30%
Iconique Banda Floral Dress

Iconique Elegant White Sands Dress
Save 20%
Iconique Elegant White Sands DressWhite

Pia Rossini Monterosa Top
Pia Rossini Monterosa Top

What Constitutes Beachwear?

So, you've found the perfect swimwear, fabulous! Now you need a sarongsundress or beach cover-up to throw on over the top, a sun hat to protect your face, jewellery to compete your outfit beach bag to carry your gear in. This is where you will find all those finishing touches that complete your holiday look. The best bit? You will find a fabulous selection of beachwear right here all year round. That's right, we sell beachwear 365 days a year so if you're lucky enough to be escaping the British winter, you will always be able to find those finishing touches for your holiday, right here.

Beach Party Packing

Beach parties here in the UK are a pretty rare event. But whether you're planning for a cruise, long haul holiday or a weekend in Spain with the girls, imagining you're going to one is a great way to pack. Why? A beach party is a lengthy event, usually staring in the afternoon and finishing late in the evening. Imagine you've been invited to one. Visualise all the steps you might go through to get ready before you go. Then think of all the items of beach clothing and accessories you might need to take with you to survive a red hot afternoon in the sun followed by a shoreline cocktail party. Doing so, you will find, makes you remember to pack all the little bits and pieces of beachwear that you might have otherwise forgotten.

Beach Party - What To Wear?

Swimwear with shorts and sandals is a great starting point for the afternoon. Don't forget sun cream and a sun hat to protect you from the sun. As afternoon turns to evening, temperatures drop. Beach dresses, kaftans and kimonos take up hardly any room at all in your beach bag and are made from material that creases drop out of easily. Throw one on and look instantly fabulous! Don't forget your beach jewellery for that added touch of glam.

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