Cut Out Swimsuits

Cut out swimsuits, sometimes called monokinis, might be the most exciting new swimwear in a few years. But what exactly are they? What do they offer your beach wardrobe you don't already have?

What Are Cut Out Swimsuits?

A cut out swimsuit is an item of swimwear that is a single piece of fabric but features areas without coverage. In many instances, it is very much like a bikini, with almost a two-piece set up. On occasions like this, we call it a monokini. But sometimes it is more simple and straightforward. Often it is a conventional swimsuit made with one whole piece of material. This can be a navel cut out that shows the midriff. It can be a part of the back that is cut out revealing the small of the back. Or a popular one is a double cut out around the waist line. There are as many types of this new fashion innovation as there are designers to make them. But what's the point of a swimsuit where big chunks of it have been removed? Let's take a look at why this trend is sky rocketing.

Why Wear Cut Out Swimsuits?

Cut outs are a great way to add a number of different things to your outfit. They can help keep you cool by letting a little breeze get at your skin. The best way to do this is to go for where the back is free from coverage. That is because the back is a large area of the body, so when it is uncovered, you cool down far quicker than other areas being uncovered. It is not just staying cool that makes cut out swimsuits so popular though. Much of it is down to a fashion choice. They are very striking and feminine pieces of swimwear. For example, the side cut out version we mentioned are real head turners. These help to visually slim the waist and give you a more hourglass figure. This all comes from something that isn't an item of shaping swimwear. That means that you don't need to squeeze into something that's a challenge to get on or something that will compress your figure at all. And of course, there is also the tanning option. Although some designs are better than others, as little cut outs make for some embarrassing tan free areas. But larger cut outs, a true monokini, may be able to give you an all over tan. But then, why not simply wear a bikini? The little addition of that extra fabric in a monokini is so striking that it's something very different to your average bikini.

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