Speedo is perhaps the greatest and most recognizable name in the world of sports swimwear and one of the most important names in swimwear in general too. Speedo is known by many people, if not everyone, and are a true household name. But what is Speedo all about really and should you invest in a Speedo swimsuit or a pair of Speedo shorts? Let's take a look.

What Is Speedo Swimwear All About?

Speedo is fundamentally about sports. Almost all their items of swimwear are surrounded around sports and making your workouts, your exercises, and your personal challenges easier and more enjoyable. This is a simple commitment to make for a brand, but not an easy one. There is so much thought and nuance that goes into getting something like this right, but when you concentrate on it so thoroughly and actively, you can end up becoming the best. This is what Speedo set out to do. They wanted to become the absolute best at making sports swimwear and it is arguable that they really did just that. Speedo swimwear is perhaps and is most likely the best thought out sportswear we can name. But how come? What makes a designer's work like this so great?

What Makes Speedo So Great?

Doing one thing well is always a great way to become the best at something, but what is the specific cause of their swimwear being so loved by swimmers, triathlon competitors, and sportsmen and sportswomen of all stripes? Their materials have a great deal to do with it. They use some of the most advanced scientific materials around. Nylon that is incredibly strong and robust, for example. Elastane that moves easily and conforms to your body perfectly. Synthetic blends that keep you at the right temperature so you don't freeze in a swimming pool or get too warm in a sauna. But with such a concentration on good technical qualities, has Speedo left room for anything else? Are they stylish as well as practical. Let's find out.

How Good Are Speedo for Fashion?

Fashion swimwear usually comes from names that do fashion and fashion only. And very few designers tend to do both style and practicality well at the same time. But there is one advantage that Speedo swimwear has that has given them a boost in the world of fashion swimwear. With such a robust understanding of sportswear, they are miles ahead of anything else you can find out there.

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