Convertible Multiway Bikinis

Convertible bikinis are one of the absolute best innovations in the world of swimwear. They are a versatile style of bikini that has become extremely popular over the past few seasons. So what exactly is a convertible bikini and what makes it so special? Let's take a look.

What Is A Convertible Bikini?

This is simply a term for any item of swimwear that is a two piece conventional bikini, but the straps must be able to be removed. The result is a bandeau bikini that can quickly transform back to a conventional bikini. This is a simple addition and feature to so many outfits and so many bikini designers love to make them. Yet this little addition is a tricky one to get right. It is a rather fiddly component and there are lots of ways to get it wrong or do it badly. Convertible bikinis require a really secure mechanism that does not shift and slide around. A lot of different companies make them to be as comfy as possible and they do a really great job. Most of the convertible bikinis in the world are really well made and comfy, and the ones we have for you here are among the best we have seen.

So Why Should You Go For A Convertible Bikini?

The number one reason to go for a convertible bikini is the versatility. They can be worn conventionally like any other bikini, with two shoulder straps, or a single halter neck. In this regard, they are no different than any other item of swimwear, being familiar and easy to wear. But they do offer that extra dose of versatility for those who really do want another way to wear their swimwear. Take the straps off these bikinis and you get a bandeau bikini instead. This is a great thing to have tucked away for a number of reasons. One is that a bandeau might be the same design, but it is unique and different in its own way. Just a small change to the appearance of a bikini can make a big difference. Convertible bikinis are often completely different in terms of their appearance. That new addition of a bandeau neckline is a great way to turn something conventional into an old school favourite. A bandeau was the fit of choice for the starlets of the Golden Age of Hollywood, and it always has that classic, almost ball gown look to it. If you want something that has a small cosmetic adjustment that really transforms the outfit, this is really the only thing to go for.

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