Tessy Swimwear

Tessy Montecarlo Astor White Swimsuit
Tessy Montecarlo Astor White SwimsuitWhite

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Tessy Capri Cindy Swimsuit
Tessy Capri Cindy SwimsuitCapri-Print

Tessy Mallorca Tania Swimsuit
Tessy Mallorca Tania SwimsuitMallorca-Print

Tessy Mallorca Bela Triangle Bikini

Tessy Capri Ocean Bandeau Bikini

Tessy Savana Milan Pareo
Tessy Savana Milan PareoSavana

Tessy Glitter Zen Kaftan
Tessy Glitter Zen KaftanBlack Silk

Tessy Popstar Deil Swimsuit
Tessy Popstar Deil SwimsuitBlack

Tessy Hawaii Clara Poncho
Tessy Hawaii Clara PonchoHawaii-Pacific

Tessy Indira Anil Bikini
Save 30%
Tessy Indira Anil BikiniIndira

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Tessy Indira Romantic Bandeau Bikini
Save 50%
Tessy Indira Romantic Bandeau BikiniIndira

Tessy Golden Lines Liam Swimsuit
Save 15%
Tessy Golden Lines Liam SwimsuitBlack-Gold

Tessy Golden Lines Pipo Tri Bikini
Save 20%
Tessy Golden Lines Pipo Tri BikiniBlack-Gold

Tessy Daisy Flowers Elidi Bikini
Save 15%
Tessy Daisy Flowers Elidi BikiniBlue-Daisy

Tessy Black And White Deil Bikini
Save 30%
Tessy Black And White Deil BikiniBlack

Tessy Bubble Flowers Oria Bikini
Save 30%
Tessy Bubble Flowers Oria BikiniBubble-Flowers

Tessy Indian Etnic Robin Sun Dress
Save 40%
Tessy Indian Etnic Robin Sun DressIndian-Etnic

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Tessy Calin Bikini
Save 30%
Tessy Calin Bikini

Tessy is a newer brand designed for the younger audience, but it is owned by Roidal, one of the finest swimwear manufacturers in the world. They have borrowed from the expertise of their founding organisation and have used their reputation and skill to create some of the highest quality swimwear in the world, but with a young and fresh eye and a flair for gorgeous design. So is this everything that makes Tessy so good? What exactly is the recipe that makes them one of the best designer in the world of swimwear? Let's take a look.

What Makes Tessy Swimwear So Great?

Tessy swimwear is great for many reasons, like some that we have mentioned above. But let us look at them in more depth. Tessy is the younger fashion wing of Roidal, which is enough of an endorsement by itself. Roidal are a Spanish design house that have been producing designer swimwear for decades. Their pedigree is incredible, and every ounce of experience that they have accumulated has worked its way into a the new Tessy fashion swimwear range. But they have also set themselves apart in many ways, repositioning their range for the younger audience. Tessy is aimed at around the age of twenty-five or so, whilst Roidal is more for thirty-five or so, although if you like their range you should jump in with enthusiasm. The stylistic approach for these two fashion houses are very versatile, with only a suggestion that they are suited more for one group than the other. After all, good fashion is versatile and classic enough that it is able to be stylish on anyone and be worn at any time.

What Kind Of Styles Does Tessy Swimwear Make?

Tessy swimwear is all about the classic, made for a youthful audience. That means things like florals and nauticals, which are lovely, bold and colourful, but not so daring that only a few of us can pull them off. They are as gorgeous as they are versatile, subtle and timeless. If you love floral swimsuits, striped bikinis, wonderfully coloured swimwear and similar items, then Tessy fashion swimwear is for you. Everything they do is fashion bikinis or fashion swimsuits, so there are no perennial or round the clock items that recur. However, if you like their approach to design, then their sister company Roidal swimwear also does fashion that is recurring, often coming out in bolder colours and gorgeous new shades.

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