Bikini Bottoms

The fantastic thing about bikinis is that they come in two pieces. Buying a bikini as a set almost always means they both have the same design, the bottoms match the tops and they feature the same colours and patterns. Of course, all women like to look co-ordinated on the beach but looking co-ordinated doesn't mean things have to match exactly. Many designers create separate bikini bottoms and tops deliberately so that they can be mixed and matched in order to create a multitude of different beach outfits where you might otherwise have just had one.

What Are Bikini Bottoms For?

There are a number of reasons you might just want to buy a pair of bikini bottoms. If you burn easily, you might just want to wear a pair of bikini bottoms with a cute t-shirt for an 80's retro look. Or maybe you're the complete opposite, maybe you're super body confident and don't burn at all, therefore, maybe you only need the bikini bottoms and prefer to go topless? For most women, bikini bottoms are there to create a little more versatility in your beach outfits. They can essentially double your number of bikinis just by swapping the bottoms so that you don't look like you're wearing the same thing to the beach everyday.

Which Bikini Bottoms Best Suit You?

No two women are the same shape or size, many may like the same bikini but not all bottoms suit all women. Bikini separates often offer bikini bottoms in different styles and shapes for exactly that reason. Brazilian briefs for example, show a little more cheek than regular bikini bottoms but not as much as a thong. Some women love them but others prefer a full brief or even boyshorts as they offer a little more coverage. Triangle bikinis are preferred by many women because they are adjustable at the sides, for some, the side ties make them feel insecure. Some women love the vintage, high-waisted look but other women may prefer fold top bikini bottoms. Bikinis that come as separates, offer the freedom for many women to choose the bikini they love only in a style that suits them. A particular brand of bikini separates that springs to mind is Fantasie, their entire range is made up of classic pieces which are absolutely timeless and every single one of their bikini tops could match any one of their bottoms.

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