Gottex Lattice Tankini
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Gottex Lattice Tankini

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Palm Beach Web Tankini
Palm Beach Web TankiniBlack

Palm Beach Bubbles Tankini
Palm Beach Bubbles TankiniBlack

Rosch Exotic Flower Tankini
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Rosch Exotic Flower Tankini

Glumann Vacana Tankini
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Glumann Vacana Tankini

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Goldfish Estelle Tankini
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Goldfish Estelle Tankini

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Tankinis are one of the most interesting and beautiful new innovations in swimwear. They are a great cross between a bikini and a swimsuit and really have the best of both worlds. But what is so great about an item of swimwear like the humble tankini? Let's take a look at just what is so great about these items.

What Is A Tankini?

A tankini is a two piece item of swimwear with a conventional bikini bottom and a camisole top, sometimes called a tank top. This is why we call it a tankini. This is a great item for getting the look of a swimsuit, but have all the other benefits of a two piece design. There are a couple of reason why you might want the best of both world. Versatility is always a great thing to have, but in this case, there are a few reasons to go for a beautiful tankini.

Why Should I Try A Tankini For Myself?

A tankini is one of the best ways to get something that offers both coverage and all the best parts of a bikini. You can wear it down and it looks very much like a swimsuit. Some designers even make the top more camouflaged so it is barely any different at a glance. Other designs are more clearly a top and a separate bottom. Some even have two tones or a plain bottom with a patterned top, for example. This is ideal for those who want something that offers coverage, particularly those who don't want to catch too much sun. But ironically this is also the reason why people choose a tankini, as they offer the same tanning powers as a regular bikini does. You can simple lift the camisole up and position it as high as you want to get the perfect tan on your midriff. When you wear an ordinary two piece design, if you get too much sun, you can't go swimming again or sometimes even take a stroll down the beach. Instead you have to cover up with a kaftan. But if you want a dip in the pool, then this magical garment gives you the ability to do just that.

How Can I Make The Most Of My Tankini?

All of the tankinis we have are able to be worn this way, so you needn't worry about getting the right kind. The only thing you need to ask yourself is what kind of gorgeous design you prefer. Get something that suits your own style, of course. Something that you love to wear is always a good idea. Other than that, always go for a classic.

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