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Bacirubati Bunny Sun Dress
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Bacirubati Bunny Sun Dress

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Bacirubati Belvedere Skirt

Bacirubati is a young brand, and a youthful one indeed. Founded in 1985 it is named after the film directed by Francois Truffaut, one of the most famous French film directors ever, and the founder's favourite. In the mid 1980s, fashion is undergoing some seismic changes. Outfits become more dynamic, more glam and full of sexiness and energy. Mini skirts become even shorter and clothes are more figure revealing than ever before. This is how Bacirubati begins its journey, making gorgeous corsetry and lingerie collections that take this new wave of fashion to the next level. But they did not stop at lingerie and today their beachwear and swimwear collections are what most interest us. Bacirubati is all about style and fashion, revolutionizing their collection each and every season, leaving nothing around to become a staple. They are the brand of swimwear most interested in always being new and inventive and fresh, whereas most designers maintain a fashion range and a core range that returns each season. We actually love both approaches here at UK Swimwear, but it just is not in the DNA or the character of a brand like Bacirubati Swimwear. Their collections are striking, elegant, stylish, feminine and colourful.

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