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One of the biggest areas of the swimwear and beach fashion in the world is sports swimsuits or swimming costumes, and have we got some cool and interesting designs for you here. Whilst the very first thing you think of when you hear the word swimwear or beachwear might be the stylish animal prints or the jazzy geometric numbers that are so popular all year round, one of the all time best selling categories of swimwear is something else entirely. Sports swimsuits are some of the best selling of anything we have to offer here at UK Swimwear. But it is no surprise really.

Every woman that has two or three designer swimsuits wants to stay in shape and stay looking good, so she needs one or two sports swimsuits to help her do that. They make up a huge portion of our overall collection and we see new and interesting versions being released by designers as often as fashion swimwear collection gets an update. That's quite the claim, as brands like Gottex and Roidal are some of the most prolific in the world of fashion. But it also makes sense, as even sporty clothing brands are trying their hands at designing fashion. Sports swimsuits are becoming as stylish in their own way as regular fashion collections. With trends like '80s disco coming back and syncretic styles like an admixture of futuristic utopian design and old school synth-wave on the rise, sports swimsuits are fully prepared to be fashion designs all by themselves.

These kinds of speculative and imaginative styles are also never going to go out of style as they are always looking to the future and will always look a little ahead of their time because of it. But that is not nearly enough for the dedicated designer. They and other brands are experimenting with bright neon shades and dynamic cuts and fits, making sports swimsuits that are every bit as stylish as they are performance orientated. And perform they do. We have a huge range of swimsuits that actually stand up to the challenge of rigorous exercise and the constant kicking and flipping you might be doing in the water to get your cardio finished. See our whole range of sports swimsuits below and find something that looks as good as it performs.

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