LingaDore Swimwear Range

Lingadore is one of the most interesting and exciting designers in the world of swimwear and lingerie. They produce some amazing designs that look great and perform better. But that is not the entire reason why we love Lingadore. The real power of this brand is their out-of-the-box kind of thinking.

What Makes Lingadore So Amazing?

Their main quality is creativity, a quality you ideally want in every single brand of swimwear. For example, their beach dresses blend swimwear and underwear by bringing crocheted fabrics to their collection. This is also extra creative, as Lingadore is using daywear conventions to add something out of the ordinary to their swimwear range. We never expected to see Boho chic in a swimwear collection, but thanks to Lingadore and their creativity, here it is.

What Is The History Of Lingadore?

Lingadore swimwear began life in the Netherlands and after just a few years of production, they became the premier beachwear and swimwear designer of their homeland. Since then, Lingadore has grown to become quite famous throughout Europe, and is now one of our longest standing swimwear partners. Part of the famous Mendals group, Lingadore excel at creating a balance between both swimwear fashion and other types of clothing. This is also why they have done really well with beachwear and beach accessories, as this is where blending together different clothing designs works best. Their work is great in any category that Lingadore has decided to design in.

Should I Invest In Some Lingadore Swimwear?

That’s really something for you to decide for yourself, but there are a few things you should note about the designer that will help you make your decision. All of their clothing fits beautifully, enhancing your figure and bringing cutting edge fashion to the mix too. If you are looking for something that goes outside of and beyond convention and tries to find originality wherever it can, this is a big check mark from Lingadore. This designer specialises in blending the most modern trends with the most classic designs, so if that is what you are after, then look no further. If you want something that has all these things and more, then a Lingadore bikini or swimsuit is an excellent choice for anyone looking to build their wardrobe up or just add something different entirely.

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