Aubade is known for designing one thing particularly well above all others, and that is lingerie that's sexy and feminine. But Aubade is not designing sexy lingerie for UK Swimwear, they are designing bikinis and swimsuits instead. So how does this classic Parisian brand stand up in the new territory of items made for the beach as opposed to the bedroom? Very well indeed! Their work is some of the most refreshing and original, if rather daring. Now, it is important to say that whilst Aubade making items that are sexy, they do not make items that are vulgar. Their work is of the highest quality and is adored by those who value quality and beauty before thrilling and fun designs. So, that said, let's take a look at this Paris-based designer's newest collections.

Whilst Aubade has been designing lingerie for a long time, over seven decades in fact, they have not ever made a great deal of swimwear for very long at all. Making a new kind of clothing can be difficult and carries its own worries, especially one as technical as swimwear. You have to design with the use in mind, thinking of how salt water and chlorinated water will effect the material and how sunscreen will affect the colours of the fabric. This is just a small part of designing swimwear, but Aubade has taken it is their stride, making items that defy the old convention of a designer that specialises or is very talented in one area finds it difficult to change their discipline.

Aubade swimwear has proven that talent is boundless and their work is easily some of the best from a newer designer. So what is so special about it exactly? Well, Aubade have taken what they know how to do best and have transformed it into something that goes beyond just the bedroom or something for under your outfit. Their swimwear is just as sexy and feminine as their bras and knickers, in other words. This can be seen in their dedication to the use of black and red colour schemes that are so popular among underwear collections.

The daring cut outs are another clue as to what this French designer wants their beachwear to be about, and right now, many of their designs feature them. But this won't always be the case, of course. Fashions change and designers release new and interesting items all the time, but the principle still stands.

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