High Waisted Bikinis

Nuria Ferrer Palm Wrap Bikini
Nuria Ferrer Palm Wrap BikiniPalm-Print

Cyell Desert Glow Bikini
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Cyell Desert Glow BikiniDesert-Glow

Aqua Blu Gardenia Sara Bikini
Aqua Blu Gardenia Sara BikiniGardenia-Print

Aqua Blu Muse Lucy Round Neck Bikini
Aqua Blu Muse Lucy Round Neck BikiniMuse-Palm

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Watercult Soft Retro High Waist Bikini
Watercult Soft Retro High Waist BikiniRetro-Skyway-Blue

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Vacanze Italiane Gold Label Strapped High Waist Bikini
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Gottex Gypsy Queen High Waisted Bikini
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Gottex Gypsy Queen High Waisted Bikini

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Roidal Geometric Daroc Bikini
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Roidal Geometric Daroc BikiniBlack-White

High waisted bikinis are one of the great pleasures of modern swimwear and fashion. They are one of the fastest growing and most popular types of swimwear in the world right now. The high waisted bikinis have so many beautiful and fantastic benefits that make them one of the best bikinis you can find these days. But why is this type of swimwear so well loved? Let's take a look.

What Makes High Waisted Bikinis So Stylish?

High waist bikinis are great for a number of reasons. But the chief among them is simply that they are vintage. At one time, all bikinis were made in this style. It is pretty easy to see why of course. At one time, only swimsuits were available and making something new and innovative like a two piece swimwear design would have been pretty daring. It stands to reason the first bikinis were ones that were pretty modest and very tame by modern standards. They were likely to be even more dramatically high waisted and what we see now as vintage were unheard of. But by the time the starlets of Hollywood started to become real sex symbols and idols to young women, the style of the day was what you see here. A high waisted bikini has a kind of pedigree that is rare in other forms of swimwear or any kind of clothing for that matter.

Are High Waisted Bikinis Good For Plus Size Women?

This is the other big benefit to high waisted bikinis. These items are not necessarily fitted with any slimming technology, but it is the visual elements that we love about these bikinis. This is what is so great about these items. They do something to your figure without resorting to a constrictive fit or an uncomfortable support layer. This is the best of both worlds, offering you a slimming feature whilst staying comfy and easy to wear. But how does it achieve this? It is simple really. The high waist bikinis do this by having the hem end higher up on your body. This is the area where your waist pulls in and where most women are at their slimmest. The bikini draws attention to this part of you midriff and as a result, you look that little bit more sculpted. This is the ideal way to give yourself a kind of hourglass look without having to wear anything too constrictive or difficult to pull on.

How Can I Make The Most Of My High Waisted Bikini?

High waist bikinis come in all shapes and sizes, but if you want that vintage look we mentioned above, the best thing to do is to go for something that is a classic itself.

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