About Us

UK Swimwear is the world's largest selection of swimsuits, bikinis, kaftans, pareos, and other items of swimwear. We aim to provide the greatest range and the greatest service. This is a difficult thing to balance, but with help from our partners, we have done just that. Thanks to the help of brands such as Gottex and Roidal and Miraclesuit, we have managed to bring that quality to our range, and that allows us to concentrate on better service and a greater shopping experience.

UK Swimwear was born on 6th May 2008, and it is the second major venture by the Web Shop Direct Group. UK Swimwear wasn't our very first website, however. In 2005 we founded UK Tights, a retailer for tights, hold ups, stockings, and other items of hosiery. After the success of UK Tights, we needed some products to tide us over through summer. After all, tights are most popular in the autumn and the winter. So if we had winter covered, then what could go well in summer? Why, swimwear of course. So in 2008, UK Swimwear came along. It was originally called UK Bikinis, as a selection of bikinis was the entirety of the range for the first season. It soon became UK Beachwear, thanks to the growing range of accessories that became available like kaftans and pareos and beach bags. And soon after that, when we brought on all the other kinds of swimwear, and the name UK Swimwear was chosen to reflect the fullness and breadth of our range.

Since those first few years, we have moved on from just selling the basics of swimwear, and we now accommodate every conceivable type of beach fashion. Swimwear itself means that which you swim in, whether it be swimsuits or bikinis or tankinis etc. Beachwear usually refers to the accessories or those items of clothing that you don't get into the water in, like kaftans and pareos and beach dresses. We want to be the number one shopping destination for all of your beach needs, so both of these ranges have expanded very quickly. We now have over fifty brands and are adding more each season to bring you the best amount of choice and variety in the world of swimwear that we can. So go and see our range today, and we are sure you will be able to find some stunning items of swimwear and beachwear that you will instantly fall in love with.