When we add a new brand to our family of swimwear designers, it's usually due to a few characteristics we always look for. Creativity, quality and a concentration of comfort and fit are all things that make us fall in love with a new swiwsuit brand. The founders of this company design the whole collection in the UK, but they make all their items in Africa and Asia. That is hardly unusual for many clothing companies, with organizations making their ranges in some very questionable conditions in the poorest countries of the world. But that is not the kind of manufacturing practices that Aspiga use.

Their association with the Third World is so much more positive. They take their designs to the most traditional communities and give the people there a chance to better their lives and increase the prosperity of their communities. They choose those communities that have something unique to offer the world such as a method of making clothing that is new and unique to the West and is ancient and cherished in their locality. But how do Aspiga assure that the valued aspects of this arrangement are upheld? How is it different from any other Third World factory? Well, Aspiga do this by giving over the manufacture of these items almost entirely to the local people themselves.
They choose their partners, they show them what they want made and they put in an order, that's it. The communities that make these items for Aspiga organize themselves and arrange everything to their own liking, and Aspiga doesn't tell them how to make anything, what materials to use or anything else that limits their freedom. This arrangement is an inspiring example of mutual respect and relationship building that we could all learn from. Aspiga kaftans are some of the most ethical items you can get as a result of this. It is also true that the quality of their designs is some of the highest too. Often people complain that items from the Far East don't match items made in the EU in terms of quality, but that's often because of conditions that value speed and inexpensive production over everything else. Aspiga are different, with the people who make the items largely in charge of how, when and where the items are made, a dedication to their craft is finally possible. When you have the freedom to take pride in your work and take the time to do it right, only beautiful craftsmanship can be the result.

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