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Nicole Olivier Middle Swimsuit
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Nicole Olivier Middle SwimsuitJaune-Or Bleu

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Nicole Olivier Marquise Sun Dress
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Nicole Olivier Marquise Sun Dress

Nicole Olivier Manege Manic Bikini
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Nicole Olivier began their journey in the year of 1965. This wonderful French designer's journey is as much about the founder's personal beginnings as it is the journey of the brand. Olivier, the namesake of the brand, was born just as his father arrived back in France from the Algerian War. He was an engineer by trade and had just qualified. Nicole, Olivier's mother, had also just graduated in pharmaceutical studies. One day soon after his return and their graduation, they spent a well earned sunny day on the beach in Cannes, with their new born baby and decided that they would embark on a new adventure. What would it be? Well, being at the beach, they saw plenty of gorgeous clothing around, and decided to start their own swimwear company. Thus, combining the names of mother and child, Nicole Olivier Swimwear was born. They began their work and went on to partner with numerous leading fashion swimwear brands that you may recognize, such as Pierre Cardin, Nina Ricci, Daniel Hechter and more recently began work with the famous brand Crazy Horse. The founders of Nicole Olivier are situated near some of the most stunning beaches in the world, giving them inspiration for some of their amazing designs. After their founder passed away in 1993, Olivier moved back to France from working in Japan and took over his father's company. In the late 1990s it begin to go international. Nicole Olivier is now available in over 30 countries worldwide, and they plan on continuing their growth, making this only the first few pages in a long and wonderful history.

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