Dolores Cortes

Dolores Cortes is all about three simple words. Fashion, fashion, and fashion. Very little of what Dolores Cortes Swimwear does is focused on sport, or on tummy control, or on any of the other specialisations that you often find in swimwear. They are purely focused on style and beauty, and they are some of the very best names in the business for precisely this reason. Originally beginning its work in the early 1950s, working out of their Barcelona studio, Dolores Cortes Swimwear is a time served and well experienced designer that has really only grown stronger with each season. In this time, ironically, they actually contributed to the science and engineering of great swimwear in their own way too. Namely, they helped pioneer the stitching of rubber thread into swimsuits, which set the stage for tummy control and other features that require silicone lining. But over there history, it has still been fashion swimwear that has been their main mission. In the 1990s, they began participating in big fashion shows and catwalk events in Valencia, just south of their home city of Barcelona. They even debuted a new range at the Passarela Gaudi, now known as the Barcelona Fashion Week, which helped launch them onto the international stage. And most recently, their wonderful fashion swimsuits and stunning fashion bikinis were a feature at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, the largest swimwear event in the United States. Dolores Cortes Swimwear is fast becoming one of the most celebrated brands in the entire world of swimwear and we are not surprised in the slightest.

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