Black Bikinis

Oroblu Padded Triangle Bikini
Oroblu Padded Triangle BikiniBlack

Roidal Elegant Uriel Bikini
Roidal Elegant Uriel BikiniElegant-Print

Roidal Kalina Brada Bikini
Roidal Kalina Brada BikiniKalina-Print

Gottex Liv Moulded Bikini
Gottex Liv Moulded BikiniBlack Denim Spice

Gottex Jazz Underwired Bikini
Gottex Jazz Underwired BikiniBlack Sapphire White

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Nicole Olivier Manege Manic Bikini
Save 10%
Nicole Olivier Manege Manic BikiniBlack-White

Moontide Mono Bloom Underwired Bikini
Save 35%
Moontide Mono Bloom Underwired BikiniBloom-Charcoal

Tessy Black And White Deil Bikini
Save 30%
Tessy Black And White Deil BikiniBlack

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Vacanze Italiane Gold Label Sequin Triangle Bikini
Save 30%

Vacanze Italiane Gold Label Nero Bandeau Bikini
Save 30%

Gottex Half Moon Bikini
Save 50%
Gottex Half Moon Bikini

Olympia Jade Bikini
Olympia Jade Bikini

Roidal Garel Tri Bikini
Save 50%
Roidal Garel Tri Bikini

Black bikinis are one of the great classics of the swimwear world. There are few garments more feminine and iconic than the bikini. And we are quite sure that there is no colour scheme more classic than the plain black, or black with accent colours. Black is far and away the most versatile colour in the world of swimwear and any type of clothing for that matter. Combined, they are exactly what you'd expect, a stunning combo with every bit of feminine appeal preserved, and something new and unique gained too.

What Is So Great About Black Bikinis?

The single best part about black bikinis is hard to pin down, but we thing that the timelessness of them might be a our favourite feature. Gorgeous designs are made better when they are able to transcend seasons, and there is little that transcends seasons quite as well as something like black swimwear, bikinis, or a combination of the two. The bikini is by no means the oldest or most classic item of swimwear, but it quickly became the fastest growing item in its realm. This is a great thing to have in your wardrobe for any kind of garment.

What Should I Know About Wearing A Black Bikini?

A lot of people fear that black bikinis will be too warm for wearing in the sun. After all, it's in the heat that we wear bikinis the most. However, we think that that's really nothing to worry about. Black bikinis have a few advantages that make them great for tackling the heat. One is the obvious, they mostly leave you uncovered. Bikinis rely on the fact that your midriff is exposed, as is most of your back. This is the core reason why you shouldn't fear a black bikini being to warm. But there is more to it than that. Black bikinis have an added bonus, in that black has its advantages in the sun. Dark colours get a bad wrap in the fashion community for being too warm and stifling. However, black actually does a few good things for you whilst it is hot. Although it is hotter in black clothing than white or blue as black absorbs heat from the sun, the great thing is that it releases heat just as quickly. That means your body heat is also pulled off your skin and dissipates into the air quickly. So whilst sun bathing might be best suited to white or cream or yellow, most activities where you are in and out of the sun are no problem at all.

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