Bikini Tops

What Bikini Suits My Body?

This is such a common question and the answer is different for everybody as every body is different. It is not unusual for women to be a different dress size in their top half to the bottom half which can make life difficult when buying swimwear. For example, two women may both be a size 12 dress size. However, if one is an apple shape, she might have larger breasts but slimmer hips. Whilst the other with a pear shaped figure would have smaller breasts but curvy hips. They are both the same dress size but if they both took a size 12 bikini, one might find that the bikini top is too big whilst the other might find that the bikini bottoms were too small. If this sounds like a familiar problem for you then separate bikini tops and bottoms are the perfect solution!

Bikini Tops For Bigger Bust

If you have a fuller bust you may struggle to fit into a matching bikini set. If you are looking for a DD+ bikini, you will find there are many more options available to you in bikini separates than there are in Matching sets. Matching bikini sets tend to be for an average sized bust for a given dress size whereas some of our separate bikini tops are available up to cup size H. By opting for a separate bikini top that is made to fit your cup size, you will find that it fits better and offers more comfort.

Express Yourself With Bikini Separates!

Choosing bikini separates also gives you the freedom to express your creative style by mixing and matching colours and styles to create a new look bikini. For example, you could choose any bikini bottoms to accompany a bandeau bikini top or a halterneck bikini top according to your preference.

Same Bikini, Different Day

If you are lucky enough to be going on a long vacation, you may get bored of wearing the same bikini to the beach every day. Give yourself multiple beach outfit options by opting for a monochrome bikini, an extra pair of black bikini bottoms and an additional white bikini top. Mix up different bikini top bottom combos and everyone will think you're wearing a new bikini every day!

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