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Pia Rossini Bahama Necklace
Pia Rossini Bahama Necklace

Pia Rossini Mia Necklace
Pia Rossini Mia NecklaceRose-Gold

Pia Rossini Lois Bracelet
Pia Rossini Lois BraceletBlack

What Makes Beach Jewellery Different?

Beach jewellery is very different from the dainty pieces you might wear to accompany a suit at the office. You wouldn't want to wear an expensive gold necklace to the beach because it might get scratched by the sand. Also, when you wear such tiny garments of clothing as a swimsuit or bikini, you need much larger statement jewellery to complement it or it can look a little lost against your bare skin. Beach jewellery is also made from elements reminiscent of the random items you might find on the beach like shells, beach glass, shoelaces and charms that look like old antique coins you might find washed up on the shore. These details tie your outfit in beautifully with your natural surroundings on the beach.

Why Wear Beach Jewellery?

Many swimwear models say that even they feel self conscious in swimwear. A few things they say help take their mind off feeling so naked are a showstopping hair do and some stunning statement jewellery. Beach jewellery is a great way of creating optical illusions to accentuate those parts of your body you are most proud of and draw attention away from other parts you may not be. For example, a bikini can leave your midriff feeling quite exposed and the horizontal lines across your tummy and chest can make you appear wider than you are. The addition of a long, waist length necklace will create an illusion of length, making you appear taller and slimmer. It will also sparkle in the sunlight adding real WOW factor to your beach costume.

How To Style Beach Jewellery

You can use beach jewellery to mix up your look and transform your image from one day to the next. How so? So let's say you take with you on holiday a plain white bikini but you don't want it to look the same every day. One day you could accessorise it with a long, rose gold necklace adorned with gemstones for a glamorous Bond Girl look. As day turns into evening, go totally boho in cut off denim shorts, a floaty kaftan and a shoelace choker with a chunky pendant. The same bikini could be completely transformed into a strong surf girl look with some chunky wooden beads.

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