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Moontide Shirt Dress
Moontide Shirt DressBlack

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Moontide Tokyo Reversible Underwired Bikini
Save 30%

Moontide Mono Bloom Underwired Bikini
Save 35%
Moontide Mono Bloom Underwired BikiniBloom-Charcoal

Moontide Mono Bloom Wrap Bikini
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Moontide Mono Bloom Wrap BikiniBloom-Aqua

Moontide Babylon Twist Triangle Bikini
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Moontide Babylon Twist Triangle BikiniBabylon-Cherry-Tomato

Moontide Aztec V Neck Cover Up
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Moontide Aztec V Neck Cover UpBlack White

Moontide Mono Beach Bag
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Moontide Mono Beach BagBlack-White

Moontide Cruise Versailles Braided Long Line Bikini
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Moontide Cruise Jungle Dream Twist Bikini
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Moontide Cruise Modern Ink Underwired Bikini
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Moontide Cruise Modern Ink Reversible Lacing Swimsuit
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Moontide Cruise Modern Ink Reversible Lacing SwimsuitModern-Ink-Charcoal

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Moontide Cruise Jungle Dream Bandeau Bikini
Save 40%

Moontide Cruise Jungle Dream Twist Swimsuit
Save 40%

Moontide Hey Ho Twist Swimsuit
Save 20%
Moontide Hey Ho Twist Swimsuit

Moontide Hey Ho Halter Neck Bikini
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Moontide Hey Ho Halter Neck Bikini

Moontide is one of UK Swimwear's favourite new designers. They have some of the most fascinating designs in a long time with a wonderful heritage and pedigree behind them that makes their work pretty inspiring. Moontide is one of the newest brands in the swimwear world, relatively speaking. They are particularly young compared to their success and meteoric rise to one of our favourite brands. It was founded in New Zealand in the year 1980 making it quite the junior compared to our other partnered design houses, some of which trace their origin back to nearly a century.

What Is Moontide's History?

Being a young designer has many benefits. The two big ones are the twin pillars that make a fashion swimwear brand great. Namely, Moontide has passion and inventiveness, which they have in heaps. Many hip young designers like Moontide swimwear are passionate and full of vitality. Their collections always reflect their talent and their insistence on making the best possible designs they can. And for the inventiveness part, that is pretty easy to grasp too. The newest names in whatever world you care to mention are always the most creative one. They have a fresh perspective that is unbeatable and they always tried and make a name for themselves by breaking new ground, and we all get some of the most delightful new pieces out of it. But an even bigger part of the reason why Moontide is so impressive is their origins. They are a fashion housed based in none other than the great Kiwi nation of New Zealand. So Moontide swimwear is naturally influenced by the beauty of the one of the world's most gorgeous coastlines, and among the most beautiful interiors for that matter. So it's pretty easy to see a Moontide bikini always has a great source of inspiration. The design team simply casts a gaze out into the wilderness and them and they get plenty of inspiration for gorgeous and delightfully attractive swimwear designs. This is why you see so many great designers from Italy, Spain and Australia, and now we have another wonderful entry in our family of designers, this time from the Kiwis, that we think is just as gorgeous as any of their contemporaries.

What Kind Of Fashion Does Moontide Design?

So what does Moontide swimwear have to offer us? What is it about their range that is making us rave about it, here at UK Swimwear? Well in their first few seasons, they've had a few different sources of inspiration.

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