Fantasie Swimwear

Fantasie Ottawa Twist Front Swimsuit
Fantasie Ottawa Twist Front SwimsuitBlack

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Fantasie Paradiso Twist Front Swimsuit
Fantasie Paradiso Twist Front SwimsuitParadiso-Mint

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Fantasie Langkawi Bikini Brief
Fantasie Langkawi Bikini BriefLangkawi-Sorbet

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Fantasie Langkawi Twist Swimsuit
Fantasie Langkawi Twist SwimsuitLangkawi-Sorbet

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Fantasie Antheia Tunic
Fantasie Antheia TunicBlack White

Fantasie Ottawa Underwired Plunge Swimsuit
Fantasie Ottawa Underwired Plunge SwimsuitOttawa-Ink

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Fantasie swimwear is one of the most popular designers around right now, but they began outside of the world of swimwear. They are more popular for their underwear, but now they are breaking out with all the pedigree passion and amazing talent of their other ranges and work and into a brand new frontier. Namely, their swimsuits and bikinis collection. So let's take a look at this brand and see if there is something we can find to figure out the recipe for what makes a designer so wonderful.

Where Did Fantasie Swimwear Get Its Start

Fantasie swimwear and a member of the Wacoal family of brands. Wacoal is a big name in the world of fashion, also mostly in the world of underwear, but they have a few newer swimwear brands, and Fantasie is helping spearhead their fashion swimwear line. Wacoal is a collection of designers and fashion houses. They have brought us so many names and new additions to our range. We really are not too surprised they are behind another great brand like Fantasie. So why are Fantasie swimsuits so wonderful and why are their bikinis some of our most loved items?

What Makes Fantasie Swimwear So Wonderful?

Fantasie has so many things going for it that make us excited to see their new collections each season. One is that it is great for women of all sizes. Their range of bikinis and swimsuits both have sizes for bigger busts and for petite ones alike. The amazing array of these sizes is a big part of why we love them. Many designers specialise is one or the other, but here you get both with equal representation. But Fantasie wants to provide sizes from the more conventional selection, as well as sizes right up to the more full cup swimwear designs. Not many designers have such an array. And we really love that about Fantasie bikinis and swimsuits.

Is Fantasie Swimwear A Fashion Swimwear Brand?

Whilst we love the fact that Fantasie offers a wonderful array of sizes for their items, that is not the whole story. We don't want to characterize them as a brand that's all about sizes. They are so much more than that and they are also a fashion designer. Fantasie swimsuits are wonderful items with so much creativity and innovation in every new piece, as are our range of Fantasie bikinis. They love to make designs that are just as gorgeous as they are well made and just as stylish as some of the bigger names out there are capable of.

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