What is a Skirtini?

Skirtini is Swimsuit with a skirt, or a bikini with a skirt but is actually more like a swimsuit with a built in skirt, sometimes called a Swim Dress. These skirts can be just a few inches long to create a fill effect or they can be longer, sometimes coming down to near the knee, for a more practical effect, such as being able to walk straight from the beach, into a town or village to grab a bite at a local cafe without having to change.

Skirtini bottoms completely change the way your garment looks. It can add a kind of classic pin up appearance to your outfit with a frilly trim, but it can also be super practical and elegant at the same time. It's a classic look that is also new and interesting and entirely original.

Skirtini swimwear strikes the perfect balance between the old and new, as well and the delightful and the sensible. These careful balances are something that so many designers find hard to achieve, but with something this versatile, everyone who designs swimwear can do it and everyone who loves swimwear can enjoy it. Although the name refers to a bikini, there are other types of swimwear that are similar and just as stylish. You can find designers that make skirtini swimsuits from tankinis, plus size skirtinis and bathing suit skirtini combos.

Why wear one?

Skirtini swimwear is one of the more varied and creative new trends in the swimwear world and come in so many shapes and sizes. That's the great thing about them, and they don't stop with just types of swimwear. The actual cut and shape of these amazing design is just as varied. Some have a little trim around the bottom, where as others are full length skirts that look like they should be worn during the day time, in a city. Others, especially full length skirtini swimsuits, have a skirt that makes the item look like a form fitting dress, yet you can swim in it by just rolling the skirt upwards for more manoeuvrability in the water.

And of course, even the most creative swimwear can create something beautiful with just the conventional ingredients too. Colour, cut and shape are the easiest way to make a new type of swimwear even more varied with the good old fashioned methods. Whether it be black skirtinis, white skirtinis, coloured skirtinis, polka dot skirtinis, other patterned skirtinis or any other kind, there is something for every taste and type.

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