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Acqua & Sale Canela Long Sun Dress
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Acqua & Sale Canela Long Sun Dress

Acqua & Sale are one of the most impressive new swimwear designers in Italy's pantheon. This is a roster of designers almost too big to count, so to say that a newer designer has stepped up and has made a strong impression really is high praise. So how has a relatively newer designer managed to do the nigh-impossible? How is it that they have taken the mantle of one of the best new designers in Italy? Is it simply by making superb items of swimwear? This is certainly part of it. Acqua and Sale swimwear collections are simply some of the best in the world of swimwear for balancing technical skill and beautiful designs. They effortlessly blend quality manufacturing with in vogue fashion trends and timeless motifs so your swimwear doesn't go out of fashion within a season or two. But another great thing about Acqua & Sale is that they have some amazing shapewear too. It is often the case that brands that give you great fashion are rather impractical, or vice versa, but with this designer, they have a wonderful aptitude for the stunningly beautiful and the comfortable and the practical. If you are seeking gorgeous patterns combined with rich colours and contemporary fashion, then this brand could certainly be for you. If you also want garments that enhance and accentuate your figure carefully without the discomfort of full shape wear, Acqua & Sale is for you.

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