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Designer swimwear is one of, if not the most important elements of holiday fashion. But where on earth do you start? How do you know what to look for? How do you decide what makes the best designer swimsuit brand? If you're about to spend decent money on a high-fashion swimsuit, you want to know you're getting the very best right? Well, we know our stuff here at UK Swimwear and we do a great deal of research into the products we stock so you can rest assured when you buy from us, you know you're buying the very best quality.

What makes one beachwear brand 'better' than another is largely down to personal opinion but if you're new to the world of designer beachwear, it can be hard to know where to start. Whilst brightly coloured patterns might be of paramount importance to one person might be completely irrelevant to another. On the other hand, a well cut and intricately shaped beach garment might be your bag. This article aims to demystify some of the most important elements of designer swimwear you should consider and help you to make an informed decision as to which might be the best designer swimsuit brand for you.

Miraclesuit Shaping Swimsuit

Which Is The Best Tummy Control Swimwear Designer?

The slimming aspect is one of the most obvious and it's an aspect of design that becomes more and more prominent each season. So many designers are adding slimming effects into their swimsuits these days. It used to be that shaping swimsuits were very uncomfortable and constrictive, but with so much investment in developing hi-tech materials and research into the design that this is no longer the case. Designers making tummy control swimwear today have collections which are up there with the best high-fashion swimwear designs. High-fashion swimwear that makes you look a size smaller and is comfortable to wear, what more could a girl want?

If body shaping, sculpting and tummy control are the most important things to you in swimwear design, one of the below might be the best designer swimsuit brand for you:


* Amoressa

* Gottex Contour

* Anita

* Seaspray

Forever Unique matching halter bandeau bikini and kimono

Which Is The Best Designer Swimsuit Brand For Coordinating Collections?

There are designers that create complete swimwear and beachwear collections which are designed to be worn together. With pareos perfectly balanced with bikinis and swimsuits supremely suited to sundresses. A few well-paired pieces can carry you from poolside to the restaurant effortlessly. A coordinating beachwear wardrobe is essential if you're considering a cruise or heading to an exclusive Caribbean resort. In fact, a stylish beach cover-up is a summer must have no matter where your travelling to.

If you are looking for a completely coordinating beachwear wardrobe, you may think that one of the following is the best designer swimsuit brand:

* Gottex

* Forever Unique

* Feraud Paris

* Rosch

* Watercult

* Maryan Mehlhorn

* Dolores Cortes

* Bacirubati

Gottex Profile Sport designer athletic bikini

Which Is The Best Designer Swimsuit Brand For Swimmers & Beach Sports Babes?

Are you an athletic swimmer or a beach sports babe? If so your needs will be totally different to those of a lady of leisure lounging by the pool, occasionally rising to take a quick dip to cool off. If you're clocking up serious swimming mileage or bouncing around playing beach volleyball, you want swimwear that doesn't budge. Sporty swimwear is becoming increasingly more fashionable whilst remaining free from unnecessary adornments that are likely to create drag. From futuristic looking bikinis incorporating hi-tech materials that are perfect for beach sports to sleek swimsuits designed to enable athletes to glide effortlessly through the water at speed.

These are the designers which will help you look like a winner as you strive to achieve your personal best:

* Speedo

* Gottex Profile Sport

* Zoggs

* Olympia

* Moontide

* Anita Rosa Faia Sea Gym

* Palm Beach

Gottex couture swimsuit

Which Designers Create The Most Exquisitely Patterned Swimwear?

There are some truly exquisite prints used in swimsuit design today. Colours are more vibrant when you have a full body garment to show them off and patterns get to be more intricate than ever. Imagine a cocktail dress versus a maxi dress in terms of colour and in terms of their wow factor and you'll see that swimsuits offer something similar compared to bikinis. Fashion swimsuits are truly some of the versatile types of clothing in the world. They allow you to show off huge flourishing motifs and really make the most of the space on your midriff, turning your body into a moving work of art.

If what your looking for is a dazzling swimsuit print, you may think one of the following designers is the best designer swimsuit brand:

* Gottex

* Acqua & Sale

* Dolores Cortes

* Feraud Paris

* Liberti

Watercult Cut Out Swimsuit Swimsuit

Looking For Swimwear To Turn Heads?

Sensational swimwear doesn't have to mean loud garish prints or elaborate decoration. If you have plain simple tastes but you still want to stand out from the crowd, why not pick a swimsuit cut in a daring shape? It's easy to make a statement on the beach without your swimsuit shouting too loudly. Dare to bare a little more with a cutout waist, a trikini, peek-a-boo keyholes, or deep plunging necklines.

If you're looking for a jaw-dropping swimsuit cut in a classy shape, you may find your favourite designer swimsuit brand here:

* Watercult

* Maryan Mehlhorn

* Gottex

* Vacanze Italiane

* Forever Unique

* Aubade

Phax fun, youthful bikini design

Are You A Beach Babe On a Budget?

Maybe this is your first holiday away with the girls and you want something with a little WOW factor. If you have a passion for fashion but a don't want to splash too much cash, it is possible to achieve a designer look and still reserve your sunshine fund for cocktails and club tickets. There are many swimwear designers who create some fun and funky designs specifically aimed with younger sun worshippers in mind. In addition, you could check out our designer swimwear sale items. This is where you will find designer bikinis, designer swimsuits, beach dresses and cover-ups at reduced prices.

If you are looking for swimwear that's bang on trend but won't break the bank, the best swimsuit designer for you might be one of the following:

* Dolores Cortes

* Piha

* Anita Rosa Faia

* Phax

* LingaDore

* Tessy

So Many Brands To Choose From!

There are so many swimsuits to choose from and so much scope in colour, pattern and design and every brand has different qualities to offer. Now that we've given you an insight into our world, we hope you can understand how hard it is to choose which is the best designer swimsuit brand. Each designer brand has its own history and a description of the swimsuits they make on the brand's page. At least now, after reading this article, we hope you have more of an idea of the qualities of each of the brands we love.

If you have any further questions about the best designer swimsuit brand, please don't hesitate to get in touch!