Gottex Swimwear, Natural Beauty And Man Made Art

Gottex swimwear is something amazing to behold. They have created a unique and powerful line up of items with a very simple but striking common tie. Gottex have created a combination of man made design and the natural world, bringing abstract patterns and the world's flora together in one place. Most designers go for one or the other and getting a balance of the two can be remarkably difficult, but Gottex are one of the most skilled designers in the swimwear world.

They have been very brave with their work and the result has certainly paid off. This is one of their most accomplished collections ever, turning more heads and dropping more jaws than nearly anything Gottex has released before. Why is this combination so powerful, exactly? The strength of this collection comes from the dichotomy of the two themes. Each one is completely different and doesn't overlap with the other in any way. They are opposed to one another when it comes to colour, pattern, shape and theme. But when you combine the sharp lines of an abstract pattern with the dazzling shades that Mother Nature has given us, you get something that is more than the sum of its parts.

Gottex have every iconic and recognisable designer swimwear you can imagine in both extremes. For example, their man made inspirations included sailor outfits, minimalist art and abstract sculpture all at once. Conversely, the inspiration for the other side of their collection is just as diverse. The flora and fauna of the whole world, the animals that inhabit it and all the beauty of the Earth's landscapes.

There is so much to feast your eyes on and so much to enjoy because of these sources of inspiration alone. But as Gottex have blended them together, they have created swimwear designs that are all much more than the sum of their parts. Some of the most beautiful and original kinds of bikinis and Gottex swimsuits are the result of this approach to design. They have managed, quite successfully, to strike the perfect balance that so few other designers could obtain.

No matter what style of swimwear you prefer, all the best and most recognisable elements of each style is preserved in the Gottex 2014 fashion collection. With a lesser designer, the key elements may have gone missing. But with Gottex, each iconic pattern and addition stands out incredibly well, even when it's placed amongst so many other strong motifs.

If you are looking for something that any fashion lover would appreciate, swimwear that blends smoothly into its surroundings as well as standing out proudly and a design with the quality to last a decade, look no further. Gottex has all of this, thanks to its experience in designing beautiful swimwear and the experimental attitude it has approached this new season with. Everything is present in this Gottex collection and you needn't look anywhere else to have it all.