Mastectomy Swimwear Guide

This article on Mastectomy Swimwear is meant to be both informative and interesting. For those of us who are not fully aware as to what a mastectomy is then we hope you find this information useful. We also hope that ladies who have had a mastectomy find it particularly interesting and informative regarding swimwear and the availability of such items. Firstly, let's look at what a mastectomy really is. It's an operation to remove one or both breasts. Quite often this is a treatment offered to patiences who are suffering from or who are at high risk of developing breast cancer. It can also be offered to some men as a small percentage of the population will develop breast cancer. Before having the surgery a person has every opportunity to discuss every aspect with specialist nurses or surgeons. Things like possible complications are discussed and then the options of corrective surgery will probably be talked about [1]. Once the operation has been done and a full recovery is made it is important for a woman to get back to feeling good about herself once more. Women don't want to and certainly don't need to feel different in any way so it's very important that ladies get back in to the swing of things quickly. We all know that a great way to recover from any illness is to take regular exercise. A good form of gentle exercise is of course swimming. However, it can be difficult for ladies to find the appropriate swimwear. Years ago a lady would really struggle and perhaps would have to forgo the enjoyment of swimming as it simply was not possible to find swimwear that fitted properly and didn't give the game away. That's not the case now though. Specialist swimwear manufacturers such as Anita and Jamu have bought swimwear to a different level.

There are now products available that allow a woman to simulate the presence of a breast for both bras and swimwear. Prosthesis breasts are available for both in and out of the water and come in a range of different cup sizes [1]. These manufacturers have also come up with beautiful swimwear designs, which include both swimsuits and bikinis that come up a little higher at the top of the chest so as to not reveal any scar tissue. They also have hidden pockets inside the top of the suit or bikini so that prosthesis can be inserted. This kind of swimwear is exempt from VAT but can come in quite pricy nonetheless. One manufacturer in particular is deemed to be the market leader in Matstectomy Swimsuits and Mastectomy Bikinis at the moment. Jamu who are an Australian brand have revolutionised the industry with their trendy designs, which can be worn by any woman whether they have had a mastectomy, or not. Their designer Lydia Leong started Jamu in 2005. She has a passion for providing women of all ages and sizes with perfectly fitting swimsuits and bikinis. She wants all women to feel confident and at ease in her swimwear. The company has gone from strength to strength with it's innovative designs and high quality garments [2]. Technology is as most people know, forever moving forward and we can only hope that more is done in this line of research. If a mastectomy is needed then its important to remember that all is not lost. There is great swimwear out there for ladies of all shapes and sizes. We hope you've enjoyed reading our article.

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