High Leg Swimsuits

High leg swimsuits are really a rare type of swimsuit, but one that is returning to so many different ranges by many designers. And it is a comeback that we are absolutely love. This is our fantastic range of high leg swimsuits. This type of swimwear is a very specific and niche type. And it is a type of swimsuit that is not often seen, but has such a vintage feel to it that it is coming back in a big way. And we absolutely adore that it is making its triumphant return. These are swimsuits with a higher leg than usual. High Leg swimsuits sit a little bit closer to your waist than most swimsuits would. Although it should definitely be mentioned that they rarely go as high as you waist. Instead, they sit right on the hip just like most swimsuits. High leg swimsuits are really very striking. They are made for capturing that vintage look of the 1980s. They are more revealing and often considered more feminine that most other types of swimwear, except perhaps the bikini, of course. This is the kind of swimsuit that is the favourite among those that like something more bold in their beach fashion. And what is more, it is also amazing for those that want to get a little bit more of a bronze look, as its more revealing fit is great for reducing tan lines.

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