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UK 8, UK 12, UK 16

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UK 8, UK 12

High back swimsuits are among the most popular types of fit for swimwear in the world right now. There are so many different cuts and shapes and fits for your swimwear. This includes back and front, but just to simplify things, lets talk about the back. It is the one that makes more difference than you might think. There are many different back shapes, like scoop back, square back, v-shaped back, plunge back and the like. But you can group your items into roughly three different heights, creatively named low back, medium back, and high back swimsuits.

What Exactly Are High Back Swimsuits?

High back swimsuits are not necessarily the best fit as there isn’t any such thing. Each one has its own benefits and drawbacks, but this shape and height is unique among all the shapes. High Backed swimsuits are essentially any swimsuits where the lowest point of the back is around the middle of the shoulder blades or above. It can be a square back or a rounded one or anything else for that matter. Just so long as it comes up and covers two thirds or more of your back. There are so many designers out there that they do them, so it’s hard to pinpoint who makes ones you should be most interested. So many designers do them that you can just pick the ones that are best for you in terms of style, and budget, and personal taste. But wait a second, why should you be interested in the shape of your swimwear’s back? Surely this is a minor detail? Not at all, there are plenty of reasons you should look into high back swimsuits. Here are some of the best parts about having one of these amazing items.

Why Should You Go For High Back Swimsuits?

The humble high back swimsuits designs we have are great for a few reasons. But there are two main ones that stand out. One is that it is great for making sure you don’t burn too easily. Another is that it is perfect for women who want a more secure fit. So let’s take a look at these reasons separately. The first is pretty straightforward, a high back swimsuit is great at offering a little extra coverage, particular in the hard to reach areas of the back. This makes it ideal for those who are scared of getting a little too much sun on their backs. For those who burn easily, a high backed swimsuit is ideal for that little extra shelter from the sun. And just whilst we are on the topic, UK Swiwmear recommends you always make sure to use plenty of sunscreen.

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