Swim Shorts For Men

Men's swim shorts are one of the most iconic and popular items of swimwear. But they are often the unsung hero of fashion and sportswear. There are so many swimwear designers out there that absolutely want to be bring the fashion you see everywhere else into the realm of men's swim shorts.

What Is Happening In The World Of Men's Swim Shorts?

Men's swim shorts are one of the fastest evolving types of fashion. In recent years, designers have decided that the idea of plain shorts and a few sporty chic ones are not enough. Many designers are now going for something more considered and thought out. There are many new designs and trends out there right now. The biggest we have seen is Futurism. The use of bright neon, dynamic patterns and a stunning techno feel. This is one of the biggest parts of the world of swim shorts for men. Another is the classics genre of men's swimwear. The tartans, stripes, checks and tropical florals. These men's shorts are just as popular as the newer trends and have the advantage of always being in style. But are they really new? Aren't these, by definition, innovations from the past? Well, even timeless fashion can be enhanced and made fresh by designers, and new colour schemes are always makes checks and stripes new and interesting.

Which Men's Swim Shorts Are Best For Style?

There is no single brand that is good for stylish designs. The real question is whether you want to go for a classic or a trend design, as there are many names in both of these areas. Well this debate is an age old one, and not confined to just menswear. Men's swim shorts are no different though. The choice between a classic and a newer and more innovative design is a tricky one. The classics are a great choice if you want to make sure your pick will be in style next year. But if you want to make a splash, it is always better to go for the most striking items possible. That means bright and bold futuristic fashion, with neon colours, halcyon hues or a cyberpunk aesthetic. Or it can mean geometrics that are less timeless and more jarring, like an asymmetrical pattern rather than houndstooth. MAny designers like Speedo are more in the classic camp, as they concentrate on performance, and their men's shorts are a less fussy and more down to business affair. For stylish stuff, try other European designers of men's swim shorts.

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