Soak Swimwear Wash

Soak is one of the very best accessories that you can get hold of for your holiday and for your swimwear. With items that are fragile or just made of high quality materials, you will want to keep your swimsuits as beautiful and lovely as the day you first tried them on, and that's not a pipe dream at all. So what is so great about Soak travel wash exactly? Let's take a look at their range and see if we can find out what makes this simple travel fabric soap the best accessories you never have with you.

What Makes Soak Travel Wash So Great?

Soak is a great item for cleaning your garment gently and yet making sure that whatever it is you are cleaning is thoroughly and squeaky clean. Each bottle is ideal for adding a few drops to cool water and doing exactly what the bottle tell you to, which is to soak them for a short while, and after a few minutes, letting the swimsuit or bikini drip dry without having to worry about rinsing at all. This fabric shampoo is designed to work with cool water and you don't need to rinse the swimsuit at all, saving you a lot of hassle. They are also a great ordinary soap for a washing machine. So they can clean your garments quickly and effectively, but does this make them more useful than a travel tube with ordinary detergent? Well yes, and here is why.

What Sets Soak Apart From Other Travel Detergent?

The best thing about the Soak range is that all of their ingredients are organic and made from natural ingredients, meaning they are better for the health of your garments and better for the environment too. They contain far fewer harsh synthetic chemicals than the average detergent. This is a huge part of ones household footprint, so making sure that destructive chemicals are not left into our water supply is an easy way to get your items clean without worrying about your footprint and your impact on the natural world. And if you are travelling, you might find yourself in a part of the world where there is less infrastructure to deal with these things. Detergents are often hard to break down and without very advanced water treatment, they often get neglected. But Soak can be washed away right into the ocean, the method of choice for so many places in the world, and it will be much gentler on the environment. Then of course, there is your own personal health.

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