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Soak is one of the very best accessories that you can get hold of for your holiday and for your swimwear. With items that are fragile or just made of high quality materials, you will want to keep your swimsuits as beautiful and lovely as the day you first tried them on, and that’s not a pipe dream at all.

Soak is a great item for cleaning your garment...

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Soak Travel Size Bottle

Swimwear care essential, Perfect size to travel, Great for hand wash, No rinse needed , 90 ml (18 washes)

Available Sizes:
90 ml (18 washes)

Yuzu Celebration Fig Lacey Scentless

Soak Full Size Value Bottle

Swimwear washing up liquid, No rinse needed, Natural ingredients, Environment-friendly, Phosphate free & biodegradable, 375 ml (75 washes)

Available Sizes:
375 ml (75 washes)

Yuzu Celebration Fig Lacey Scentless

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