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Trend animal is our collection of designs that take the world's most enduring style of design and brings it to your beach outfit. Animal print swimwear has been among the most popular kind of clothing of any type, but in swimwear, it is the contender for the top spot. The only thing that rivals it is floral perhaps. It never spends a season out of fashion and it reaches across the boundaries of generation, skin tone, one piece versus two piece and other things that people always take into account with their swimwear selection. But what is so great about this style of swimwear? Why is the trend animal the most popular style of swimwear?

Why Is Animal Print Swimwear So Great?

It is a combination of factors, like most of these things are. The main reason is that it is timeless. How is it that the complex patterns and motifs of an animal print gets to be so timeless? Aren't most timeless patterns simple and elegant? It's simple really, the same way that floral did too, which is also very complex. It is part of the natural world and we see it around us so much and for so long that there is little novelty about it. Although animal bikinis are more vibrant and exuberant than others, because they are a feature of our world, they are familiar, comforting and part of the wonderful natural world. The questions isn't if animal print swimsuits or other items are timeless or not, but what print to go for.

What Kind Of Animal Print Should I Go For?

Whatever you want of course, but there are some that might be better suited to you than others. The classic and most popular is leopard print. This is due to it being a versatile. Detailed enough to catch the eye, consistent enough to blend in nicely with other garments. It is also coloured perfectly, and with suit any skin tone. Where some colours make fair skin look pallid, and others don't contrast well with a darker skin tone, leopard is perfectly balanced with its sandy shade of yellow, to work well with any skin tone. Another big design is the zebra print. A zebra swimsuit is so popular and we can see why. This has all the vibrancy and exotic appearance of a piece of animal print swimwear, but it is much more timeless and straightforward, with a monochrome colour scheme and a simple stripe pattern.

Which Is Best, An Animal Print Bikini Or Swimsuit?

This is also largely down to preference between the two.

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