Miss Matisse Sun Dresses

Miss Matisse Arousa Sun Dress


Available Sizes:
UK 14, UK 16, UK 18

Miss Matisse is easily one of the most talented designers in our family of manufacturers. And it is no surprise really, considering their pedigree. They are respected and admired among designers in the world of swimwear, and with so much stiff competition in this industry, that really is saying something special about Miss Matisse and their swimwear.

What Makes Miss Matisse So Great?

Miss Matisse make some of the best luxury swimwear in the world, designing items that are made for those who truly love beautiful swimwear. For those who take fashion seriously, they just want a designer that takes pride in their work and produces the best designs they can, as passionately as they can. If this is what you value in a swimwear designer, or any clothing designer for that matter, Miss Matisse is exactly what you are looking for. Founded in Italy in only the last few years, Miss Matisse is the first name that comes to mind when we think of a young and idealist designer that makes innovative and exceptionally high quality swimwear. This is often the case with younger designers, as they are smaller companies with more flexibility and have an undiluted passion for their swimwear.

How Does Miss Matisse Compare To Other Fashion Swimwear?

Their work rivals the biggest and most titanic names in the swimwear world that are currently producing swimwear. This also includes the mighty Gottex and Roidal, true veterans of the industry. And considering Miss Matisse is a much smaller brand with only a tiny team, the number of products they release is astounding. They are creating many more gorgeous garments each season and trying to constantly innovate which has put them right to the top of our list of names that impress us. It also puts Miss Matisse at the top of our list of people who we think any fashion lover should keep an eye on.

What Is Next For Miss Matisse?

They will surely be one of the biggest up and coming ranges in our family of designers and you can guarantee that the most interesting design will come from this small Italian fashion house’s atelier. See all of Miss Matisse amazing swimwear right here at UK Swimwear and join our newsletter to never miss a design.

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