Liberti Designer Swimwear

Liberti Marylin Swimsuit


Available Sizes:
UK 16, UK 12


Liberti Sophia Swimsuit


Available Sizes:
UK 14

Liberti is a big name in the swimwear world and one of the most fabulous manufacturers in the world of fashion swimwear. Liberti itself is actually a newer brand, but their parent company is very well known in the world of fashion indeed. They are0 actually owned and run by the same company that manufactures one of our other favourite brands, Oroblu. Oroblu are the world famous legwear and underwear designers that are often said by fans and its competitors alike to be one of the most innovative designers in their field. Well, like any big name in a field of clothing design, these designers are spreading their wings now and venturing into other fields like fashion swimwear, bringing their excellent expertise and skill to a new industry.

What Makes Liberti Swimwear So Great?

Well, with Liberti, Oroblu have brought that signature design spirit and great ethos of their work with them. Now, they have created a superb range of swimwear alongside their world famous legwear and lingerie and hosiery. Liberti brings the same quality to their work as Oroblu does to her designs. It is the same Italian heritage and the same love of beautiful clothing designs to their final product that sits behind them too.

How Much History Is Behind Liberti Swimwear?

Speaking of heritage, we think that the history and location is another big part of what makes a brand what is is. With both of these brands, Liberti Swimwear and Oroblu Tights, their history is embedded in Italy. This is their home nation and we are confident that Liberti certainly lives up to its nation's reputation for beautiful design and quality. It brings us some of our most inventive products in many years and the long history of textiles manufacturing puts them in the perfect place to absolutely astound its fans with amazing swimwear. If you want a swimsuit or bikini orientated purely around fashion and beautiful design, with innovation and originality put first, Liberti swimwear is our top pick and we honestly think it can very scarcely be beaten.

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