Heaven Sent Swimwear

Heaven Sent beachwear is a unique company that designs items in two particularly notable ways. They make items locally and don’t use mass production, and they are made for one retailer and one retailer only… us!

Heaven Sent is made by local designers that we contacted to make a limited run of items for us for our online sites. Whilst they make for local boutiques in the area, and sell from their own store front, the only business account they have is through us. We decided that beachwear accessories are hard to come by, or at least good ones were, and decided that local business offered a great opportunity to find quality items with a dose of creativity behind them rather than simply scooping up a lot of items made half way around the world that wouldn’t last very long.

The place where UK Swimwear started is Cheshire, in the North of England. Cheshire is known for its great fabrics and a history or artisan textile manufacturing. We decided that this art should not dwindle and be left to history, so we began asking for local enthusiasts to make us some limited run items. This began a partnership with a very small workshop that made colourful scarves and other items here in Cheshire and we are so excited that we found them.

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