Goldfish Wally Swimsuit


Available Sizes:
UK 14

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Goldfish Fuchsia Swimsuit


Available Sizes:
UK 10, UK 12, UK 14

£69.95 £29.95
Goldfish is a smaller and newer brand in their scene and also a newer additon to the UK Swiwmear family. Goldfish is part of the family of designers known as the Glumann Group, a group known quite well in their industry. You may also recognize the name Glumann, one of our other designers. They are a family run company, something we know a great deal about and something we love about many of our designers. Goldfish and Glumann both hail from Germany and this once little family operated business has grown into a world renowned name of the international stage of swimwear design. Germany is also a growing hub of fashion of all kinds, with much of the quality manufacturing there increasing. Goldfish Swimwear is one of the most technically accomplished designers in the swimwear world, whether it is fashion swimwear or more season-free designs. They create swimsuits and bikinis that are superior in every way, in fit, fashion and longevity. Goldfish bikinis and swimsuit designs will last you years and offer a fresh and timeless look with each and every season that passes. Each bikini and swimsuit is designed to remain in style and looking great by being incredibly versatile and easy to pair with almost any accessories out there.

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